a picture paints a thousand words and creates auction euphor

Ever since I sold my aboriginal item on ebay I accept been addicted to the site and I accept steadily developed it as a supplementary source of income over the last two age. As I gained acquaintance from listing items, I rapidly became aware that the inclusion of pictures in the listings was a above selling point as buyers could literally beam what they were buying and as such actualize a greater absorption and admiration within them which in turn led to greater selling prices.

To sum it up in one sentance :

Pictures attract attention, advice statement for details and added importantly stimulates admiration which leads to Auction Euphoria.

Auction Euphoria is that action whereby the admiration to own an item is that abundant that all logic goes out the window and the buyer rebids to arrange that they achievement it, thus increasing the selling price.

This child’s play bit of adeptness has allowed me to push my final selling prices up on average between 10-30% and as such it amazes me that so abounding listings accomplish not accommodate one picture and aloof type out the details in one continued line of content (usually all in capitals!). I am not complaining however as this actuality alone has allowed my auctions to stand out and accomplish the almighty dollar.

I started off using eBays add supplementary photo service to accommodate extra images in my listings which bodies could statement as a reference point and I activate out the following :

1. Always accomplish sure that the angel is ablaze and of the actual item for sale, otherwise what is the point of including it? You will acquisition that poorly presented pictures suggest that the seller doesn’t affliction and hence will devalue the abeyant selling price of the item which is of no statement to anyone.

2. Never statement a stock photograph of the item for sale, with the access in fraudulant transactions (especially on the higher amount items) this will serve to put the buyer off, again serving to devalue your final selling price. Captivating a babyish extra age to amuse an actual photograpah shows yours buyers that you affliction and will endear them to you.

3. Where possible statement a digital camera, these are actual easily accessable nowadays and relatively cheap and they produce accomplished images. A webcam can again be used but does accord a grainier picture. Bethink the cost of the digital camera can be counterbalance by the accretion in final selling prices.

4. Accept acceptable lighting on your images a poorly lit angel may as able-bodied not be there. Where possible I booty mine outside into the garden, put it onto a chair with achromatic paper behind it and booty advantage of the accustomed ablaze. Its a few minutes assignment that pays dividends in the borderline in algid adamantine cash!

5. Never aloof statement one angel, always statement at least two. I tend to statement one angel for every one of the details (or faults) that I mention in the listing. This illustrates what you are actually trying to call and helps to prevent the dreaded abrogating feedback of ‘the item wasn’t as described’.

Using the above meant my auctions stood out and I was considered to be accurate to my chat by my buyers so much so that I accept multiple return buyers and the Auction Euphoria aftereffect is evident on my auctions as there regularly action for higher prices than agnate items listed on eBay.

As I developed my auctions I realised that using eBays supplementary picture service was COSTING ME a ample proportion of my profit so I looked into other ways of getting my pictures on my listings. I again realised that the format of the listings was another above agency. I wanted to statement the supplementary pictures to decorate a detail or defect but it was no statement having the picture at the bottom of the listing away from the description as per eBays standard access.

So I did some research and learned that the answer to my problems was HTML to generate a template for my listings and acquiesce me to pull my images into them without having to statement eBays angel service, sure it was still gonna cost me to host my own images but no where near what eBay was charging me. Using this has meant that my eBay Listing Fees accept dropped by nearly 90%.

My buyers then started to buzz me if they could statement my templates and how they could accommodate images on thier listings, advice which I always gave to them. I then decided to put this advice at buttoned up on a few webpages so that they could statement it as a reference and to upload some of the templates that I accept used in the former so that anyone can statement them for FREE.

I achievement that these child’s play bits of advice advice you to booty advantage of Auction Euphoria, and really advance your profits from the astonishing, and addictive, animal that is eBay auctions.

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Mike – Webmaster and eBay Adeptness Seller.

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Originall posted February 1, 2012