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Antiques and Collectibles dealers can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in advertising expenses if they chase a couple of child’s play rules.

Rule figure one:Unless you accept thousands to hurl away on advertising, let someone else accomplish the advertising for you.

I beam abounding dealers either ace shot to alpha their own website and advertise or they action to a larger antiques mall and set up a shop where they accept to advertise their own collections anyway. Abounding of these dealers spend hundreds on Google or Overture advertising and accomplish not amuse enough return on this investment.

My advice is to acquisition a service that will advertise for you but does not charge an advertising charge. The larger auction sites are a acceptable archetype but they are not for everyone. They can be expensive and you may not be able to sell at a satifactory price. Attending instead for a dealers mall that is popular in the search engines, either in the accustomed or paid for listings, that works off of commision. In this road your advertising will be chargeless and you will pament babyish if anything if your items accomplish not sell.

Rule figure two: Statement alone sites that are fabricated for able dealers.

Able antiques and collectibles dealers charge to accept certain tools.
a. They charge to be able to load pictures, and lots of them, add a abundant deal of decription.
b. They charge to accept a shopping cart that allows them to accept any anatomy of payment they charge. They again charge a history of sales and commisions charged.
c. They charge a space to call their own. Any site a dealer uses should be able to accord the dealer a URL that will appearance alone their own items, not everyone else’s on the site. It would again be abundant if you could search withing each dealers items

So sit back and let someone else anguish about the advertising and accomplish sure it’s chargeless.

Marc Fischer is managing partner of a website for able antiques and collectibles dealers

Originall posted February 20, 2012