branding its more than a logo

Branding: It’s added than a logo
By Julie Chance

How ablaze is your angel in the minds of your abeyant customers? How can you bring that angel into bull's eye? Defining, developing and maintaining a brand agname is the answer.

The chat “branding” is frequently tossed about in the marketing and advertising apple by marketing professionals and customers alike. Abounding times, what is being referred to as branding can be added accurately described as logo adding to or corporate agname programs at ace. While a logo and corporate agname certainly are allotment of a branding program, they are alone one piece of the puzzle. And when companies alpha their branding program with adding to of a logo or corporate agname parcel, they are getting the cart before the horse.

So what exactly is branding? In doing research for this article, I came to the conclusion that branding is actual much according to what has been said about pornography: “I can’t define it, but I apperceive it when I beam it.”

I define a brand angel as being the picture that appears in a member of your target marketplace’s apperception when they beam, hear or anticipate about you, your company and your service. In this sense, your logo and print materials alter to the symbols representing everything you and your service stand for, much according to the letters of the alphabet are symbols that when combined anatomy words and sentences with a accepted acceptation to everyone who understands the speech.

We generally anticipate of branding as being something that alone ample corporations must attend to. However, a able branding program is as critical to smaller businesses as it is to Fortune 500 companies. And smaller businesses are challenged with building our brands without the mega resources of the huge corporations. So how can a bag with limited resources, advance an able brand angel? Here is a step by step adviser to steer you buttoned up the action.

Step 1: Define your desired brand angel. What is the picture you appetite your target marketplace to advance in their minds when they beam, hear or anticipate about you, your company and your service? The added clearly you can beam the angel the bigger able you are to communicate it to your prospective clients. Alpha to define your brand by answering these questions in writing:
•What accomplish we stand for?
•What are we passionate about?
•How are we altered from other businesses that accommodate the selfsame or agnate products or services?
•What are our strengths?
•What is our specialty?
•What are our values?
•What accomplish our clients most amount about what we accommodate?
•What are we trying to accomplish?
•What problems accomplish we advice our clients solve?
•What accomplish we appetite to be accepted for?
•Accomplish we accept any “quirks” that we can incorporate into our brand angel?

Step 2: Advance your logo. Alone when you accept the picture clearly in your own apperception that you appetite your target marketplace to accept of you is it age to activate the action of logo adding to. And this is an area to invest in some able advice. Don’t statement a clip art logo or down-load a chargeless logo from the interlacing. Answering the questions above in detail will accomplish the logo adding to action not alone added able, but again added efficient from a cost perspective.

In developing your logo and designing your print materials, anticipate about what lines, shapes, typestyles and colors act as the angel you appetite your target marketplace to advance. If you coach bodies in developing the rule skills all-big to grasp the executive suite, you probably don’t appetite to statement primary colors in your logo. On the other hand, if you advice bodies bring added alleviation into their lives by discovering their inner child, primary colors may be absolute. If you abetment bodies to adjust their lives, you would not appetite a cluttered bag card. You would appetite a actual clean and understated attending. If you advice bodies bring out their abstruse creativity you could statement a fancier, added elaborate typestyle and incorporate flowing lines or curly queues into the architecture.

Step 3: Activate communicating your brand agname to your target marketplace. Everything you add and accomplish — from the road you answer your telephones to the specialty advertising or promotional items you accord your prospective clients – should reinforce the brand angel you appetite to advance. Statement your logo and colors on everything. Advance a tag line that conveys your message and statement it on all your printed materials from your letterhead to your invoices. Your website should accept the selfsame general attending as your letterhead, bag cards, e-mail newsletter, brochure, and direct mail pieces. Continuously attending for ways to incorporate your logo, colors and tag line into everything. Be artistic. I apperceive bag partners who drive ablaze chicken Volkswagen Beatles to match their corporate colors. Almost daily I acquisition an befalling I’ve been absent to incorporate my brand angel into my materials – and I accomplish this for a living!

Step 4: Advance your brand agname. Once you accept begun to advance your brand agname, resist the temptation to accomplish above changes or to even accomplish too much tinkering. About the age you alpha to alter to bored with your attending, your target marketplace is aloof alpha to apperceive and analyze with it. Consistency over age is critical. Not alone does it body awareness, it again develops credibility. In this statement we charge to apprentice from the masters. While Coca Cola® and Betty Crocker® accept updated their looks abounding times over the former 100+ age the basic elements accept remained consistent.

What picture develops in the apperception of your target marketplace when they beam, hear or anticipate about you and your service? Is it fuzzy and out of bull's eye with pieces of the puzzle absent? Is it inconsistent and ever changing? Or is it crisp, ablaze and in living color?

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Originall posted March 30, 2012