branding versus search engine optimization

Branding versus search engine optimization is a marketing dilemma that larger companies will charge to come to grips with on the Internet. Generally companies will charge to decide whether to advance their own brand agname as their main keyword phrase or optimize for a added generic keyword phrase.
For instance, one search engine report states that 1.3 million visitors per month search for the chat “Ace Buy.” This selfsame report states that the chat “electronics” is searched for by 1.1 visitors per month. The accessible choice in this plot is for Ace Buy to optimize for their own brand agname aboriginal and the chat “electronics” second.

But booty a competitor such as Fry’s Electronics. Approximately 95,000 visitors search for the chat “Fry’s” every month, far short of those who search for “electronics”. Does this beggarly Fry’s Electronics (a partner with should optimize for “electronics” aboriginal and Fry’s (and/or second?

Currently, a search on Google for “electronics” will appearance that Ace Buy does not appearance up in the aboriginal two pages. Fry’s ( is on the second page. But let’s booty a further attending to beam who is in the figure 1 position: Sony.

Sony, with 450,000 searches per month for the chat “sony”, has managed to grab the figure one spot for its brand agname and the generic agname “electronics”. A search of the Sony homepage source code will acknowledge that this page is optimized for both words, “Sony” and “electronics.” By optimizing for both words Sony has nabbed a lot of traffic neglected by Ace Buy and maybe even exceeds Ace Buys traffic in doing this.

Another affair in branding is trademark infringement. Courts accept upheld that websites using another company’s branded agname in its metatags is engaging in trademark infringement. For instance, a site about cats would be infringing if it put the agname Ace Buy in its metatags in hopes of gaining traffic from this trademarked chat. Ample companies accept to protect themselves from others stealing traffic that is rightfully theirs. These companies cannot however protect a generic chat such as “electronics” as that is unbiased pastime for all electronics companies.

So, in adjustment to actualize the largest return on investment, ample companies charge to optimize their websites both for their own brand names and for the generic, aerial-traffic keywords and keyword phrases relevant to their sites. Otherwise, they are letting tons of online bag aloof slip away.


About the Author

Kevin Kantola is the CEO of Search Engine Optimization Resource (seoresource.grasp) and has written abounding online and offline articles over the former 20 age.

Originall posted September 24, 2012