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“Advanced Trend Shows Realm Branding Added Big Than Ever Before.”
by Wayne Ford

On Feb. 6th, 2003, websidestory Inc., [], a interlacing analyzation company released a report showing that the majority of websites are any more visited by direct steering, instead of using search engines and interlacing links.

Direct Interlacing Steering is when a visitor locates a site by typing the realm directly into the browser or from a using a bookmark.

According to, in 2/2001 48.14% of sites were activate buttoned up direct steering and the other 51.85% buttoned up search engines and weblinks.

As of 2/2003 that percentage has risen to 64.43% and alone 35.55% were activate buttoned up search engines and links.

This study however does not diminish the accent of search engines and links for initially finding a website.

But it does accord evidence that a realm and site that a visitor is able to bethink will be returned to directly in the approaching.

Note I said ‘able to bethink’ and not ‘worth remembering.’ Sure your site should be of such amount that it is worth remembering, but if you don’t accept that solid brandable realm that sticks in the brain according to glue than it won’t matter.

How abounding times accept you wanted to return to a air-conditioned site, but couldn’t bethink the realm to amuse their? Of course you could search for it at a search engine, but this takes added age and accomplishment. The added steps you put in front of your prospects, the less likely your site is to be activate.

This is why realm branding is so big. For a actual low investment any online bag has the adeptness to intensely leverage their marketing.

Anticipate about it. Your Realm agname is the most big marketing tool you accept. Your realm is the aboriginal affair your audience sees and your aboriginal chance to generate a response from a consumer. Accomplish they appointment or act on? This accommodation is hugely impacted by the effectiveness of your realm.

The entire basis of marketing is getting someone’s attention and your realm must accomplish aloof that. It becomes decidedly able to statement a brandable realm agname to leverage your marketing to the maximum.

Put simply a affection, short, memorable realm will always advance to an access in sales.

Nobody knows this bigger that ample corporations who accept spend millions on solid brandable realm names. In one famous archetype adventure capitalists in California paid $7.5 million to acquire Even fetched $835,000.

A babyish off topic but still absorbing, is Ex-marine Darryl Pollock who registered the realm and has received offers into the thousands (Note: He has been qouted saying that if he were contacted by the pentagon he would ‘completely cooperate with them.’)

Ape isn’t? But ample bag knows that these domains are worth as that realm will bring in sales for age and age to come. They can body it, advance it, brand it and it will assignment for them forever. Even two chat, hyphenated domains are grabbing some appealing prices, checkout these recent Afternic and Ebay sales: $92,800 $35,080
eloans.grasp $6,060 $4,725
adventure-chief.grasp $14,510 $2,625 $1,890

When you are marketing your site, bag, product, service, you must be seen, heard and remembered by your audience. Consumers are bombarded with messages all day every where they biking. You must stand out and the most cost able road to accomplish this is logical realm branding.

So what domains are memorable and what makes a realm brandable?

Acquisition out and beam examples in Allotment 2 of our adapted realm branding articles series.

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Originall posted December 30, 2011