help motivated sellers in your area and earn high profits

Accept you ever had something that was in perfectly acceptable condition that you aloof wanted (or needed) to amuse rid of? Maybe some personal property according to a TV, tools, equipment, furniture. Maybe a car, truck or even a at ease. Why did you appetite to amuse rid of that stuff? I don’t apperceive, maybe you were in charge of some abrupt cash to pament a bill. Maybe your ex-husband or ex-wife aloof left you and you don’t appetite their stuff around anymore. Who knows, the point is . . .

Bethink what you felt according to when you wanted to amuse rid of that stuff?

You aloof wanted to amuse rid of IT, whatever “IT” was and almighty dollar may accept been a secondary affair or no affair at all. What if someone would accept come along and said they would booty that_________ off your hands and gave you almighty dollar to boot.

Chances are you would accept been thrilled!

Guess what? Why not booty this accepted bearings and statement it to your advantage. How abounding bodies in your area might be motivated RIGHT NOW, to amuse rid of something that is in perfectly acceptable working condition. They aloof appetite the stuff gone. 1 person. 5 bodies. 10 bodies. 100 bodies. Added?

Aloof how abounding bodies would it booty before you were able to acquisition some appealing ok stuff that could be sold quickly to someone else?

My point is that every day, there are bodies absorbed and ready to sell things they don’t appetite at a actual low price to you aloof to amuse rid of the merchandise. Or accord it to you to amuse rid of it. Some will even pament you to booty their stuff away.

Tap into this accumulation of bodies in your area. Acquisition these bodies. Advice them out and you will acquisition yourself with a top of items you can easily sell at actual aerial profits becuase you accept actual babyish invested in terms of almighty dollar.

How can you measure the return on your almighty dollar when your investment is actual baby or aught?

Here is a list of ways you can acquisition motivated sellers for anything, used merchandise, advanced merchandise, homes, autos, guns, hobby items, tools, equipment, cars!

1.Abode a newspaper ad (above daily)
2.Abode an ad in Pennysaver, Economical Nickel, Greensheet, etc.
3.Bandit signs
4.Drive neighborhoods looking for “for sale” signs,
5.Call ads with headlines of “Must Sell” or “Motivated Seller”
6.Levy sales and government auctions
7.Estate sales
8.Condemned properties
9.Network with professionals, i.e. attorneys CPA’s, REALTORS
10.Network with service bodies, i.e. letter carrier, pool service person, lawn service person, newspaper delivery person

Some of my favorite methods of finding motivated sellers are:

11.Cleaning bodies
12.Bird Dogs (accord rewards for bodies that acquisition deals for you)
14.Magnetic car sign
15.Distribute bag cards EVERYWHERE
17.Door hangers

John McTighe has been successfully buying and selling a array of used personal property for 6 age. He teaches child’s play systems for buying and selling used personal property that anyone can statement to earn aerial profits. Generally times, returns of 100% to 1100% on accepted, everyday items are not unusaual.

Originall posted July 18, 2012