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UNDERSTANDING THE UK CAR MARKET – Traditionally, purchasing a advanced car in the UK has always been an expensive pursuit. Manufacturers accept been able to restrict the means by which we buy advanced cars in the UK – they accept been able to dictate who can sell a particular brand of car to you and where they can be sold.

While in recent times the prices of advanced cars in the UK accept been falling, they remain able-bodied above those in other European countries – this means that it’s possible to save a lot of almighty dollar on cars if you’re prepared to accomplish some research and buy your car from a source outside the UK. This may seem according to a annoy, but with several thousands of pounds to save it can prove to be added than worthwhile – and if you accept a affair for travelling then buying from abroad can advice satisfy your wanderlust while saving almighty dollar on your advanced vehicle.

WAYS OF CUTTING THE COST OF YOUR NEW CAR – As we saying above, we can really save some cash by purchasing our advanced car from Europe – an choice that we’ll investigate in added detail shortly. However, aboriginal we’ll booty a attending at ways to cut the cost of your advanced car within the UK itself.

Research – Access the purchase of your advanced car as you would if it were a at ease. If you were going to buy a advanced at ease you would probably accede several altered ones, maybe in altered areas before manufacture your choice. Similarly, you may accept a preferred accomplish and model but accomplish not bar yourself from considering other models. If you are on a budget buzz yourself what t is that you’re looking for from your auto – is space big as you accept a family? Whatever your requirements inscription them down and then list all the makes & models that fit your criteria. You’ll probably apprehension that there may be chief of a couple of thousand between 2 altered cars that both fit your requirements.

When researching which is the cheapest & ace possible choice for you, this action of identifying close substitutes to your preferred choice is basic. You will charge to investigate the car’s “platform”, compare to its rivals and then accomplish a choice based on this.

So what accomplish we beggarly by looking at the cars “platform”? Simply a platform is the actual basic structure upon which the car is structured – the core upon which the fittings and body are structured. Abounding altered cars are actually derived from the selfsame platform. For archetype Ford uses the Mondeo and Fiesta platforms to produce a wide array of alone cars from the Puma to the Probe and much added. So lets add you really according to the attending of the Ford Galaxy – you should then investigate other agnate cars built on the selfsame platform.

Once you accept done this attending at the offerings of your rivals – amuse authority of some car magazines and beam which cars are listed abutting to your preferred choice. There may be some ample price differences that you can expose to your advantage.

Tip – Avoid paying aerial prices for “adapted editions” – this is seldom babyish added than altered seat covers or some other baby changes. What you’re actually paying for here is the “exclusive” agency.

Buy An “Ex Fleet” Car And Accomplish Some Austere Chief – The Ex Fleet marketplace in the UK is huge and certainly worth considering if you ambition to accomplish some cogent chief. Ex fleet cars are commonly sold at , car supermarkets, and used car dealerships. Typically, the mass sellers such as Ford, Vauxhall, Nissan, Peugeot and others all sell to the ex fleet marketplace.

Buy A Pre Registered Car & Save Almighty dollar – Pre registered cars are classed as “sold” by manufacturers, mostly to accomplish their sales figures attending bigger. Usually the cars accept alone a few miles on the clock but as they are classed as “second hand” they tend to be much lower in price. In aftereffect you will adore a car that is practically advanced at a seriously reduced cost. Franchise dealerships and car supermarkets are the places to acquisition these gems. A lot of pre registered cars again come with a manufacturers warranty which makes the deal all the added candied.

Buy A Car From A UK Auction – Thousands of cars are sold at actual low prices buttoned up auctions that are held in the UK. This includes liquidation sales for companies that accept gone bust as able-bodied as government held auctions where all kinds of items including cars are sold off at actual low prices. For added details on auctions ace shot the

CUTTING THE COST OF CARS BY PURCHASING OVERSEAS – Importing cars from overseas has never been a added applicable choice – and it’s a abundant road of saving a lot of almighty dollar on a brand advanced car without having to compromise on features or status. It’s possible to either accomplish this yourself or statement an agent. Using an agent does cost slightly added of course but is a acceptable choice if you can’t spare the age to actually action abroad yourself.

DIY Importing – There are several factors you charge to accede if you ambition to import a car yourself – for a alpha you charge to arrange the car you purchase fits British specification. Finding a dealer that will sell to you can again be an affair though this is less of a botheration than it used to be.

Some Factors To Accede – Bethink that you’ll charge to agency in a longer delivery age for your purchase. The deposits required from European dealers again tend to be much higher than in the UK (up to 30%) and be wary of foreign exchange fluctuations in currency that can alter the final price of your car. You will again accept to insure the car for delivery to the UK – phone some UK insurers or the dealership itself and beam what your options are.

A survey of be actual advantageous and this site again links to assorted manufacturers that will sell directly to the UK.

Using An Agent – Agents that specialise in providing discounts for UK buyers are becoming added and added accepted. Typically these services will outfitter the extent of service you crave – from giving you a list of foreign names to actually handling all the paperwork & delivery of the car. Ace shot the following sites that action discounted cars:

Shop around to beam where you can amuse the lowest agency fees although they accomplish tend to be fairly static.

Added Tips, Tricks, Strategies, Contacts & Websites – We’ll any more attending at other ways that you can ace shot and hunt down some auto bargains. Lets alpha off with car supermarkets – these are certainly huge dealerships, generally located at motorway junctions outside above cities. These supermarkets accept huge amounts of stock and operate on wafer thin margins which means you can save a cogent amount by shopping about a babyish. A list of acceptable car supermarkets is accustomed below:

Car supermarkets sell both pre-registered and ex fleet cars so the chances of hunting down a bargain are fairly acceptable, particularly for added mainstream brands such as Ford and Vauxhall. Bethink in the car industry a lot of premium goes toward the badge that a car has – so if you’re not too fussed about the accomplish you can save thousands of pounds simply by captivating advantage of this. The other affair about car supermarkets is that unlike dealerships there is actual babyish pressure or badgering from salespeople.

Alcove Operators – The second hand car marketplace has plenty of alcove operators – smaller lots who specialise in selling actual cheap cars for archetype. If you accept a acceptable adeptness on cars you can probably pick up a bargain by going to assorted alcove operators.

Buying Online – Purchasing online is becoming increasingly popular although some would argue that buying an auto online is alone for the actual adventurous-hearted. Along with online options we accept already talked about (such as Jamjar, Virgin etc) there are other online sources to buy from including and .

The car marketplace is certainly added accessible and competitive any more than it has ever been. As the internet and online options to buy continues to abound so will your chances to purchase your air castle car for less. As always, being prepared and doing research will action a continued road toward getting the car you appetite at a much lower price.

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Acquisition hundreds of dirt cheap car wholesalers & government auctions at Subscribe to my Online Powerpack newsletter for the hottest almighty dollar saving ideas, tips, suggestions and hundreds of absolute age discount alerts. To subscribe send a mail any more mailto:[email protected]

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