playing with money to make more

Ready to alpha playing with your almighty dollar? Not absorbed in complicated businesses or arid bank C.D.’s? Here are some methods that aren’t certainly a bag as you can accomplish them once, or aloof when you air according to it. Alpha baby and the risk is baby.

Loan Sharking

Age ago a acquaintance got a acceptable action when I loaned him $300 to buy the all-big tools. I charged a $6 per week loan charge (don’t call it absorption) until he paid in full. That’s added than 100% annual absorption, and affirmative, we’re still friends. Check the laws in your area if you ace shot this, and booty collateral. I don’t loanshark any longer, but in my early twenties I loaned as much as $2,000 at a age ($100/month loan charge), and alone once was stiffed on a baby loan.

Investing In Other’s Expertise

John showed me several car magazines before I understood why an aged fiberglass car was a acceptable deal at $2,300. What’s a Corvette? He convinced me to put up the almighty dollar, and after a advanced transmission for $900, he sold the 1976 Corvette for $4,300, netting us $1,000. I took half the profit ($500) for putting up the almighty dollar for the two weeks.

I’ve done this abounding times with friends who apperceive cars but don’t accept cash. Incidentally, if I had paid a $50 cash advance charge and 18% absorption to lift the almighty dollar with a credit card, my profit would still accept been over $400, and John did all the assignment. I adulation playing with almighty dollar. Accomplish you accept any friends who apperceive about boats?

Buying Estates

My wife and I met a couple who buy out estates, sell some of it at flea markets, then amble the rest buttoned up auctions. They’ve fabricated a living at this for age. After negotiating to buy a entire abode full of stuff, thay load up their trailer. If they don’t appetite to accomplish the flea marketplace affair, they auction everything on Sunday afternoon for a ok profit.

If you’re a acceptable adjudicator of amount and accept an auction nearby, you could again accomplish this with rummage sales. Action $100 for everything, then auction it off piece-by-piece. An auction near us lets anyone in, with no charge to enter – aloof a 25% commission on anything sold.

Playing With The Casino’s Almighty dollar

When I worked the roulette circle at a casino I saying abounding bodies foolishly writing down the numbers that came up. Their theories were mostly absurdity. Casinos greet these players and even hand them the pen and paper.

One man, however, was actually scientific about it. He activate a prejudice in the circle, after “charting” it for added than 5,000 spins. A figure pays 35 to 1, but one of the numbers, due to manufacturing imperfections or whatever, was appearing 1 in 27 spins, instead of the average 1 in 38 spins.

He bet $10 a spin, and he profited $80 for every 27 spins of the circle in the continued amble, or about $100 per hour. Since the ups and downs are dramatic, this is not for the faint-hearted. Even though he fabricated tens of thousands, I saying him lose as much as $700 in a after aphotic. Bethink too that not all wheels accept biases (the casino eventually replaced that circle). Accept you ever tried “card counting” in blackjack?…

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Originall posted May 14, 2012