shattering the branding myths

If you’ve been online continued, you’re sure to accept seen abounding “gurus” accord their ideas about branding. However, much of what you peruse simply isn’t accurate. Over the age, abounding myths about branding accept taken authority in the online apple and spread according to wildfire. The actuality is: They are doing you added harm than acceptable.

Branding is not one angle of your marketing campaign. It is the combination of everything your bag stands for. Branding is not created with a single, stand-alone accident — rather it is created over age buttoned up a series of strategically anticipation-out actions.

Let’s booty a few minutes to shatter a few accepted myths about branding and to introduce constructive, proactive branding principles that you can body on.

Branding Myth #1 – Your USP Is Your Brand

Certainly not. While your USP (Altered Selling Position) might be used to advice back your brand, it is not – in and of itself – your all branding strategy.

Branding Principle #1 – Your Brand Is All Encompassing

Your brand is built, and conveyed, with every action you booty, with every product/service you action, with every piece of communication you send, and with every contact you accomplish with your customers.

Branding Myth #2 – To Be Remembered, You Must Accept A Logo

Again not accurate. Attending at companies according to Marlboro (cigarettes), Puffs (tissue), and Ziploc (plastic bags). They simply statement a specialized font with the product agname. No swirls, no images, no “logo.” While logos certainly are not “bad,” they are again not obligatory.

Branding Principle #2 – Customers Bethink You Primarily By How They Are Treated

The most innovative logo, the most attractive colors, and the apple’s ace logo designer will accomplish you no acceptable if you don’t action accomplished service. Customers bethink you and your company by the road they are treated. Was their shopping acquaintance acceptable? Were all their questions answered? Were their problems solved to their fulfilment? These things action road further to advice customers bethink you than any logo could ever achievement to.

Branding Myth #3 – Once Your Branding Strategy Is In Abode, You Charge Accomplish Annihilation Added

This is probably the biggest myth of them all! So abounding online businesses are led to accept that once they accept an astonishing USP, and a snappy logo they accept accomplished everything in the realm of branding.

However, aloof the adverse is accurate. Your branding strategy is an ongoing action, not a one-age accident. Defining your strategy is aloof one allotment of that action.

Here are some basic tips to advice you define and apparatus your brand.

1. Decide how you appetite to be perceived by your customers. Accomplish you appetite to act like an angel of assurance? Loyalty? Dependability? Innovation? Wide selection? Speedy service & delivery?

2. What makes YOU perceive other companies that road when you shop? Is it their selection? Customer service? Pricing? All of the above?

3. Accomplish a list of the qualities you and your employees must affectation to customers in adjustment to act like your desired brand.

4. Share the list with everyone in your alignment and buzz them to advance specific ways they can abutment the brand.

5. Compile a final branding strategy and share it with everyone in your alignment.

Acknowledged brands are those who are able-bodied defined and that accept the abutment of the entire alignment. Brands based on myths are those that simply accept a spiffy logo, a “killer” USP, and the achievement that the customer will “amuse it.”

Would you rather base your brand on sound principles or myths? That’s what I anticipation!

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Originall posted May 20, 2012