treasure hunting begins at home

When you anticipate of treasure hunting, maybe gold coins and precious stones come to apperception, but it doesn’t borderline there. You can alpha in your own attic to beam what treasures you acquisition. Then you can check out some of the added abnormal ways to action treasure hunting.

Diamonds In Parking Lots

Temperature changes getting in and out of cars and buildings statement diamonds to come loose from their settings. As of this, parking lots are one of the most accepted places diamonds are absent. An older couple I peruse about became experts at telling the aberration (from a distance!) between the sparkle of a diamond and bits of glass. Any more they regularly booty early morning walks in mall parking lots for a second income.

Wasteland Treasure Hunting

An aged Native American we met at a ardent spring in Arizona showed us how to acquisition arrowheads and metates (used for grinding corn or mesquite beans) in the wasteland. They’re hundreds of age aged. He sold one of his metates for $200 during a yard sale, but for non-Native Americans this may be unlawful. Check with authorities on this one.

Treasure In Vacuum Cleaner Dust

In California a man took the shag carpet from an a aged theater being remodeled, saving the owners the cost of disposal. During the thirties the theater was a abode where the wealthy went. According to all of us, the wealthy lose things, but maybe added admired things.

When he cut up and carefully shook out the aged carpet , he activate over $2,000 worth of precious stones, rings, and coins. Then, wondering what’s caught by vaccuum cleaners, the man arranged to booty the full cleaner bags from several cleaning companies each week. They save disposal costs, and he regularly finds coins and baby jewelry when he digs buttoned up the dirt.

Accustomed Treasures

My wife and I accept sold sea shells we collected from Florida beaches, giant pine cones from California, and rocks we collected all over the country. We sold them at flea markets and craft shows, as is, or fabricated into something crafty. I once met a man who sold “burls” (abnormal growths on trees) for as much as $200 each.

Treasure Hunting In The Squander

Our city collects ample junk for chargeless during a week each spring. We beam acceptable bicycles, furniture, games, toys, chairs, and added, in front of almost every abode. Several bodies come with trucks and trailers to pick out things to sell at flea markets or auctions. It’s a regular source of income for some of them. I’m sure this happens in other cities too.

Treasures In The River

Both kids and criminals hurl things off of bridges routinely. It’s a abrupt road to amuse rid of evidence. As a child I saying bicycles in rivers several times. I peruse about a man that makes a living using magnets and other tools to retrieve guns, almighty dollar, and other things of amount from the bottom of murky rivers, near bridges.

These are aloof a few of the ways to action treasure hunting. Will you accomplish much almighty dollar? Maybe, but probably not. I can acquaint you though, that it is a thrill to hear the metal detector alpha beeping, even if I accomplish alone acquisition a quarter in the sand.

About the author:
Steve Gillman has been studying every angle of almighty dollar for thirty age. You can acquisition added treasure hunting ideas, and added absorbing and advantageous advice on his website;

Originall posted August 27, 2012