used car buyers beware of flood damages

Hurricane Katrina brings advanced hazards to the used car marketplace, not alone in the Gulf States region affected by floodwater, but across the nation as able-bodied.

The risk of buying a vehicle with flood damage goes up significantly and along with aerial demand and low volume, it is likely the price will again access for used cars in the affected marketplace area.

While a all-inclusive majority of the vehicles will be considered a “Total Loss” by insurance companies and scrapped, there are still hundreds if not thousands that will be back in the marketplace abode for resale purposes.

Wholesalers may purchase certainly damaged flood vehicles and sell at auctions across the country, leaving unsuspecting buyers at risk of purchasing a vehicle that has been damaged by Katrina.

Baptize damaged vehicles can be one of the most austere and costly types of damage. The continued-chat effects of corroded electronic parts and wiring can be devastating and almost impossible to correct and repair.

Here are few acquaint tale signs and basic tips consumers can booty to minimize the risk of purchasing a vehicle with flood damage.

Unless cleaned up properly, flood damage will allowance grass and debris around the radiator, underneath around the frame, front and rear suspension components, etc.
Waterlines may be visible in the engine comprtment, rear firewall area, and even inside door pockets of the door panels and interior trim areas.
Mildew smell inside due to wet carpeting and packing underneath the carpet.
Inspect connectors and wiring for signs of corrossion
Rusted bolts and metal components, particularly underneath where baptize has been standing.
Inspect for windows fogging up on the inside after the vehicle has sat overnight, this is an indication that there may be baptize underneath the carpet and or carpet packing.
Inspect trunk area for waterlines, corroded connectors and wiring.

With a eager eye and a babyish adeptness you can minimize the risk of spending thousands of dollars on a vehicle that has abeyant continued chat effects by baptize damage. offers a comprehensive “how to” course designed to educate the average consumer on protecting themselves when used car shopping.
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