packet8 is broadband telephone and videophone service using

Packet8 is broadband telephone and videophone service using VoIP offering a Virtual Office for both Bag and Residential maybe used via International Plans.

Captivating advantage of a technology called VoIP (articulation over internet protocol), aerial-speed Internet connections and 8×8’s expertise in designing videophones

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Packet8 is a broadband telephone and videophone service according to no other. Captivating advantage of a technology called VoIP (articulation over internet protocol), aerial-speed Internet connections and 8×8’s expertise in designing videophones.

Packet8 offers a Virtual Office for both Bag and Residential maybe used via International Plans.

Packet8 is an affordable and accessible-to-statement broadband telephone and videophone service. Designed with both residential and bag customers in apperception, Packet8 allows anyone with broadband (aerial-speed) Internet access to statement their regular phone to accomplish UNLIMITED calls to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

What accomplish I amuse?

Unlimited calling for one low monthly percentage.

When you subscribe to a Packet8 aim using our online store, you will be shipped a broadband telephone adapter (at no extra cost) or a standalone videophone (at a abundantly discounted price) depending upon the aim. Along with the equipment, you will accept a 10-digit activation code. Packet8 will transfer your existing figure or accord you a advanced telephone figure from the area code of your choice.

Packet8 offers several residential and bag plans that are aspect affluent and accommodate unlimited calling options. All plans accommodate added air-conditioned features than are available from your aged telephone company. Our retailer sellers may action altered packages, including chargeless service months and rebates.

How does it assignment?

Packet8 routes your calls over the Internet.

By captivating advantage of a technology called VoIP (articulation over internet protocol), aerial-speed Internet connections and 8×8’s expertise in designing videophones, Packet8 is the all articulation and video communication service. Packet8 sends all calls to and from you buttoned up the broadband phone adapter or the videophone, which then route the calls over the Internet, instead of using the traditional public telephone network. There are no extra numbers to dial, no adapted instructions and no talking buttoned up your computer. Aloof pick up your phone, hear a dial tone and dial any phone figure. Incoming calls ring your phone the selfsame as any traditional phone.

Packet8 Broadband Phone Service offers two VoIP bag plans:

Virtual Office, our most comprehensive bag platform, is a hosted Internet PBX solution comprised of able bag class features including a customizable auto-attendant, 3-digit extension to extension dialling, 3-road conferencing, conference bridge, multiple call handling, bag-class voicemail, hunt groups, that come with a superior bag-affection phone with aspect affluent controls and unlimited calling plans to the United States and Canada. Apprentice added at

Bag 2000, a VoIP telephone service that includes a single direct-inbound-dial line, has a basic bag aspect set including voicemail, 3-road calling, call forwarding, caller ID and call waiting.

Broadband Phone Service – Residential Plans at

Consumers can any more adore unlimited local and continued distance calling by adding Packet8 Broadband Phone Service (VoIP) to their aerial-speed Internet connections. There are several residential plans from which to choose, starting with Abandon Unlimited.

For consumers who alive outside the U.S., the Abandon International aim allows you to accept a U.S. phone figure and accomplish up 1000 minutes of calling to U.S. and Canadian phone numbers.

Residential subscribers who appetite to add pictures to their words, they can subscribe to the Abandon Unlimited VideoPhone aim. Using Packet8 VideoPhones and video and articulation over Internet protocol technology, allows consumers unlimited age to beam and hear loved ones.

Video in Color acquisition out added at

Accomplish Unlimited Video and Regular Phone Calls With Packet8 VideoPhone!

As Child’s play to Statement as a Traditional Phone.

With the selfsame ease as manufacture a regular telephone call, Packet8 VideoPhone delivers aerial-affection, full-motility video and ablaze, delay-chargeless audio over any broadband (aerial-speed Cable or DSL) Internet connection. Designed with both residential and bag customers in apperception, this able standalone videophone will add to your calls immeasurably while saving you almighty dollar on your phone bill. Speak with color and beam what you’ve been absent!

Using 8×8’s Packet8 broadband phone service, Packet8 VideoPhone subscribers accept UNLIMITED video calling and regular calling in the U.S. and Canada for a low monthly flat-percentage as able-bodied as enjoying UNLIMITED worldwide video and audio-alone calling to other Packet8 subscribers.


Plug-and-play device has no charge for detector or TV, keyboard, mouse, microphone, speakers or computer!

Regular dialling to other Packet8 VideoPhone for video calling or any regular telephone for traditional audio-alone call

Aerial-affection CCD camera

Auto-bull's eye scope: 2″ to infinity

Up to 30 frames per second video affection

5″ Aerial-affection LCD screen

Audio/Video output for larger, foreigner screen affectation

And abounding, abounding added

International Plans

International Plans are abundant programs to accumulate in touch with family, friends and schoolmates across the globe. Programs accommodate flat percentage pricing for unlimited calling to US, Canada and specified countries with all the abundant Packet8 features.

Virtual Office

Hosted PBX with a Able Aspect Set for Baby/Medium-Sized Organizations
Sound ample at any size! That’s the adeptness and appeal of Packet8 Virtual Office, the broadband Internet-based PBX service for baby and mid-sized organizations with ample ambitions.

Virtual Office allows Packet8 subscribers anywhere in the apple to hire a hosted PBX that permits an unlimited figure of extensions for staff located in the selfsame building or spread far and wide around the apple. In addition to enjoying unlimited calls anywhere in the United States and Canada for a flat monthly charge, as able-bodied as rock bottom per-minute international rates, Virtual Office provides smaller enterprises with abundant corporation-class PBX features.

Sounding gigantic while paying puny! Virtual Office gives your baby alignment geographic independence and flexibility, providing you with aspect-affluent telephones that bring at buttoned up dispersed staff to sound according to one office location or to arise as satellites assistance located all over the apple. Virtual Office virtually eliminates ample continued-distance telephone costs for intra-alignment phoning.

All Packet8 subscribers amuse apple wide UNLIMITED calling to other Packet8 subscribers at no extra charge. Calls to non-Packet8 international numbers (outside the U.S. and Canada) are charged at a actual low per minute percentage. Check our international rates at

Signing up for Packet8 is child’s play. Setting up and using Packet8 is even easier.


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