the death of windows

I accept always regretted how Microsoft price gouges and rips off computer users. I really affliction Windows XP activation. I accept always intended to convert to Linux, but it isn’t accessible for a Windows user since version 3.0.

Recently, I purchased the book “Moving to Linux” by Marcel Gagne. The absorbing affair about the book is that it includes a bootable Linux CD-ROM. “Knoppix” is a adapted version of Linux that you can amble entirely from your CD drive. You can amble Linux without uninstalling Windows or manufacture any changes to your PC.

I tried the Knoppix CD on a Windows 2000 appliance with a 200 MHz pentium II and 128 RAM, a actual low adeptness appliance by today’s standards. Linux provides you with step-by-step status advice, and I ignored several error messages as Knoppx was booting. It took a while for Linux to boot from the 52X CD-ROM drive, but then Windows 2000 again takes forever to boot on this appliance.

To my amazement, Knoppix booted successfully, with the proper screen resolution and access to all the drives. To my further amazement, the CD-ROM contained 1.0. I used OpenOffice to actualize a file. I couldn’t save the file to the adamantine disk, probably as of access rights (NTFS or Linux), but I could save it to a floppy disk. Subsequent, I opened the floppy disk file on a altered Windows 2000 appliance with the Windows version of OpenOffice.

In his book, Marcel Gagne gives you several tips to accomplish knoppix alpha faster and assignment faster. For archetype, he provides a command that creates a Linux swap file on your Windows partition, and a command that saves Knoppix configuration to a floppy disk.

Note: If you accept a broadband Internet connection, you can download Knoppix from www.knoppix.grasp (700 MB). You again charge to apperceive how to burn uncooked data to CD-R. The book gives you all kinds of advice about the altered Linux distributions, appications, and how to statement Linux, plus the included Knoppix CD is all set to amble, so I anticipate the book is worth the extra cost.

If appetite you to analyze and apprentice about Linux without uninstalling Windows or manufacture any changes to your PC, Knoppix is the road to action. Maybe someday everyone will act a Knoppix CD and a CD-RW to statement on any computer they acquisition. That day will truly be the afterlife of Windows.

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Originall posted May 25, 2012