breast cancer there is a way through your fears

Accept you had breast cancer in the former, or are you undergoing treatments any more? Then SoulCollage™ is a practice that you will acquisition immensely accessible. Amuse in touch with the voices inside of you that accept something to add about your cancer. Accessible yourself to the gifts they bring you. Chargeless yourself from your fears.

This is the adventure of my breast cancer adventure, and how gluing magazine pictures onto mat board led me back to my spirit.

In December of 2001, breast cancer was the furthest affair from my apperception. I was active. I had a admiring husband, a ok at ease, three admirable stepchildren, a acceptable action. Then my absolute babyish apple was suddenly turned inside out and upside down.

A routine, suspicious mammogram. A phone call. Mammogram #2. A stereotactic core biopsy.

My diagnosis: breast cancer, stage 2, infiltrating, ductal, HER2.

All of the above happened within the fearful, anxious, astonishing age span of 7 days. And my action has never been the selfsame.

The abutting nine months held a most strange affection of disbelief and exhaustion. It again held two surgeries, four chemotherapy treatments spaced three weeks apart, and 47 radiation treatments (spaced daily, over the course of 9 weeks).

It’s been three age since my action was turned upside down and inside out…. Three age. My prognosis is actual acceptable. I hear this every three months depending on which doctor my appointment is with: breast surgeon, medical oncologist, or radiation oncologist.

Three age accept passed. I attending acceptable. I air acceptable. And yet annihilation has been able to buttoned up the storms of abhorrence that threaten to overwhelm me from age to age. The insidious abhorrence that the breast cancer might return. The intimidating abhorrence of another potentially deadly diagnosis.

I accept meditated and prayed about this. I accept talked about it with my admirable therapist and with other breast cancer survivors. I accept tried guided imagery, journaling, and art journaling. These accept all tempered the abhorrence to some extent, but alone for a actual short while.

Then I began practicing SoulCollage™ and my inner dynamics began to chicken feed.

SoulCollage™ is a altered blend of spiritual practice and the amusing of collage. Using our intuition and imagination, we actualize a deck of collaged cards where each card reflects a altered angle of who we are. The cards are then used to abetment us to access our own abysmal sageness and advice us answer action’s questions.

There are four suits in a SoulCollage™ deck: The Committee (the inner voices in our minds), The Community (the family and friends who adulation us), The Companions (animal totems who lend us their energies) and The Council (archetypes who symbolize above action themes for us).

SoulCollage™ cards are fabricated using magazine images, scissors, a glue stick, and 5″ x 8″ pieces of mat board.

It turned out to be the ace road for me to deal with the lingering fears that I was left with after my cancer treatments were over. I listened carefully inside of me to the voices that had something to add about my breasts, and my breast cancer, and I fabricated three cards over the course of a few months.

The “voices” I named and then worked with in the coming months were: I am the one who fears breast cancer returning, I am the one who survived breast cancer and walked away from it (both of these voices were Committee members), and I am the one who gave you the courage to survive breast cancer (an archetype from my Council).

After manufacture the cards, I journaled with them, asking each articulation the following questions: Who are you? What accomplish you accept to accord me? What accomplish you appetite from me? How will I bethink?

The entire action of manufacture these SoulCollage™ cards and then dialoguing with them led me deeper into my feelings about my diagnosis and all that I had been buttoned up on my adventure since then. This led me to a actual abysmal and able spiritual healing that is ambitious to call, yet actual absolute in my action.

Any more, when my fears of another cancer diagnosis threaten to consume me, I simply attending at my SoulCollage™ card that honors that articulation inside of me and I acknowledge it. This articulation, this abhorrence will always be a allotment of me, but I accomplish not accept to acquiesce it to ascendancy me. I am reminded of this as I again accept the other two cards which speak to me of how I activate the inner strength and courage to booty the breast cancer adventure.
About the Author

Anne Marie Bennett is a freelance writer and artist. She is a breast cancer survivor who loves sharing the allowance of SoulCollage™ with others. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband Jeff and two highly cherished (and spoiled) feline companions named Sasha and Scooter. To beam my breast cancer SoulCollage™ cards and peruse added about them, please appointment: my SoulCollage breast cancer page.

Originall posted December 31, 2011