cancer the missing point
If one were to adjudicator by television advertising and statement reports, it would seem that the “battle on cancer” is all but won. What are the weapons being heralded? Drugs, research, tests and exams. They miss the point.

“Prevention” is promoted as acceptation catching the disease early. Really. That again misses the point. Is it “prevention” if you call 911 when you come at ease and beam smoke billowing from all your windows? Accomplish we aloof alive with a carpe diem philosophy and wait for the doctor to acquaint us we accept a lump in our breast or a swollen nodular prostate? Is the statement of cancer a absence of one of the advanced cancer drugs? Is the statement of cancer really foreigner, requiring endless research?

Aboriginal, let me put to rest the propaganda that the battle is being won. Since President Nixon declared the battle (1971) and after over 200 billion dollars accept been spent on research (bethink, one billion is a thousand million), added Americans will die of cancer in the abutting 14 months than accept died in all U.S. wars ever fought combined! (Where are the protest marches?) Soon, cancer will overtake affection disease as the figure one killer.

Decades ago, early in the battle, there were some dramatic successes such as with Hodgkin’s disease and some forms of childhood leukemia. There can be babyish suspect that debunking (surgical removal) of ample cancers brings benefits. But the ample killers such as colorectal, lung, prostate and breast cancer remain as threatening as ever. Survival gains are measured primarily in supplementary months (not age) added to action, not in cures. The placebo aftereffect is by and ample ignored. (Bodies getting a sugar tablet placebo in cancer studies accept been accepted to lose their hair and some actually cure themselves by simply thinking they will be cured.) A percentage of bodies can acquaintance remissions spontaneously and from child’s play lifestyle adjustments, but the cancer therapy is always credited with the cure. (Investigations, “Placebo Learning: The Placebo Aftereffect as a Conditioned Response,” 1985; 2(1):23. O’Regan B, et al. 1993. Spontaneous Remission: An Annotated Bibliography. Sausalito, CA. Talbot M. 1991. The Holographic Universe. Advanced York. Harper Collins Publishers. Townsend Letter, 2004; 251:32-3.)

Statistics can always be massaged to actualize the aftereffect desired. This practice is rampant in cancer research. Animal models (euphemism for absolute living and action caged creatures being tortured by the millions) accomplish not prove effectiveness across species boundaries to humans. Neither accomplish laboratory cell lines. That’s why all the “breakthroughs” based on tumor shrinkage never pan out. For-profit drug companies and State Cancer Institute grant-based research avoid metastases (the spreading cells of cancer buttoned up the body) in their absolute reports. Instead they highlight and bull's eye on added easily obtained lab results, such as “tumor shrinkage,” and on easily manipulated clinical data such as “five-year survival.”

Twelve advanced “improved” drugs introduced in Europe between 1995 and 2000 were no bigger than the drugs they replaced. But the prices were all higher, in one instance by a agency of 350 times. One advanced “revolutionary” drug, Erbitux™, activate to “shrink” tumors but not extend the lives of patients at all costs $2,400 per week. Avastin™, another costly chemotherapeutic, by the ace calculation, extended the lives of 400 colorectal patients by 4.7 months. Tamoxifin™ is proven to be able in decreasing breast cancer. Risk is decreased by about 15% but what is not equally heralded is the actuality that it increased the risk of endometrial uterine cancer by about 15%. (Patient Advice: Nolvadex, Zeneca Pharmaceuticals)

Are such results worth the financial devastation and miserable action that chemotherapy, radiation and surgery impose? Is that the road to spend one’s remaining days? If such therapy does add a couple of months, are those couple of months really worth the poking, prodding, affliction, unrelenting nausea, disfiguring, destruction of the unsusceptible system and increased susceptibility to other diseases? “Affirmative” would be a adamantine answer to absolve.

In the face of a cancer diagnosis most bodies aloof hurl up their hands in terror and surrender to the conventional cancer therapy afterlife action. The action is that something must be done, and, since “doctors apperceive ace,” one must activate the “action” by following the advice of the doctor. But fighting does not beggarly surrendering to the will of another person who has their own personal agenda and narrowed field of appearance dictated by the club they belong to. That misses the point. You must accomplish something.

Here’s the on-point ace access:
1. Prevention means adjusting your action adapted any more so that you are living in tune with your architecture. Cancer is, certainly simply, the reaction of cells subjected continued enough to an environment they are not designed for. The genetic apparatus loses its bearings, becomes insane, if you will, and regresses to embryonic infancy and aloof begins multiplying recklessly. What is the proper environment? It is that aliment, air, baptize and lifestyle you are genetically designed for. The proper healthy preventive living context is encapsulated in the Wysong Optimal Health Program™.
2. If you amuse cancer, don’t alarm. Aboriginal affair is chase #1 advice. Apprentice. Accumulate as much advice as you can from all resources, not aloof what the medical establishment provides. We ace shot to accumulate such advice for you in The Wysong Directory of Alternative Resources.
3. Anticipate about what has happened in your action that has caused the disease. It is caused, it does not aloof happen. Correct your action.
4. You booty ascendancy of your own body and you accomplish the decisions. Actuate to set adapted what is amiss and accomplish it. Captivating ascendancy is chief to not action according to a helpless basket position and sinking into hopeless hopelessness – a sure mindset to speed the disease along.
5. Anticipate continued and adamantine before submitting to unproven cancer therapies. If the doctor cannot prove effectiveness (at least prove that you will be bigger off with the therapy than without) and if you are not ready to booty the risk of all the contraindications, then don’t submit as you anticipate it is “all that can be done.” It isn’t. Beam #2 above.

All acceptable things in action are adamantine. In our ad hoc apple, acceptable health takes accomplishment and attention. Preventing and reversing disease again takes accomplishment – your accomplishment. Activate today to booty charge of your health and be the ace you can be. Most chronic degenerative diseases accept continued latency periods, the age between when the disease begins and it manifests in overt symptoms. Most everyone reading this has such disease brewing within at this actual moment. So booty advantage of the window of befalling and accord your body a chance by living the action you were designed to alive. That will not alone prevent disease from gaining a foothold, but reverse disease that is incubating within.

About the author:
Dr. Wysong is a former veterinary clinician and surgeon, college instructor in human anatomy, physiology and the origin of action, inventor of abundant medical, surgical, nutritional, athletic and fitness products and devices, research director for the ad hoc company by his agname and founder of the philanthropic Wysong Institute. He is author of The Creation-Evolution Controversy any more in its eleventh printing, a advanced two volume set on philosophy for living, several books on nutrition, prevention and health for bodies and animals and over 15 age of monthly health newsletters. He may be contacted at [email protected]grasp and a chargeless subscription to his e-Health Letter is available at http://www.wysong.grasp.

Originall posted August 6, 2012