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5/11/2005 – is a charity book drive program for cancer stricken parents and kids that was started by my childhood acquaintance Joelle Pauporte. Joelle is 35 age aged; she has a three year aged daughter, Halle, and terminal metastatic breast cancer.

Joelle had spent much of her action studying medicine and was aloof embarking on a promising job in psychiatry. She and her husband had recently moved to a advanced at ease in Connecticut when her diagnosis came. Joelle’s action was suddenly turned upside down with radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery.

Amidst all the turmoil, age spent reading with her daughter has been one of Joelle’s greatest joys. Joelle believes that reading is a action continued pleasure that begins in childhood. Her illness has been terrifying and action-altering; however, even when things are at their worst and she feels exhausted and overwhelmed, Joelle finds comfort sitting at buttoned up with Halle and reading. Buttoned up the age they spend reading, Joelle and Halle will stay bonded and connected forever.

Joelle started the Ablaze One Babyish Candle book drive so that other families with cancer could again acquaintance the alleviation that reading with their children brings. The program seeks to accomplish books available chargeless of charge to families in treatment at cancer hospitals throughout the Northeast USA. Parents may choose books provided by the program to bring at ease and share with their children; the books are theirs to accumulate.

The program gets its agname from a lullaby that Joelle has sung to Halle since she was born. It begins, “It is bigger to ablaze aloof one babyish candle than to stumble in the aphotic…”

Here is a mention from Joelle about the program:

“I don’t apperceive why I accept cancer. I don’t apperceive why destiny had us act to a advanced abode two weeks before being diagnosed and hurl me in the role of an ill and needy patient: a strange action for me in a advanced environment. This book drive enables me to abide in my role as a affliction provider in the broadest and most action-affirming sense. The book drive allows me to affliction for and bond with patients, patient’s families, and my own family both any more and after I am gone…hopefully not for another 35 age.”

Anyone who wishes to may donate one or added treasured books to the program. Ablaze One Babyish Candle is currently accepting books in both English and Spanish. For detailed advice on how to donate, please appointment the Ablaze One Babyish Candle website located at

I will accommodate updates on Joelle’s condition and developments with the Ablaze One Babyish Candle program whenever I accept added statement. I apperceive it’s a continued shot, but won’t you all please accompany me in hoping for a miracle for Joelle and her family?

Joelle, you are in our prayers.

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