orally administered beta glucan may prevent cancer
A recent study has shown that unsusceptible stimulation has a cogent aftereffect on tumor advance in animal specimens. Protected and able forms of unsusceptible stimulation can add to cellular immunity, which in turn enhances the activities of T-helper cells and accustomed killer cells.

Beta Glucan has been shown to access activation of macrophages, lymphocyte production, and accustomed killer cell action. Several studies accept indicated that Beta Glucan can again access levels of IL-1, and TNF-alpha, both of which are instrumental in unsusceptible system coordination, and can advice the body eliminate tumors added efficiently.

The statement of Beta Glucan is of adapted absorption to the cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment. This is due to the actuality that beta glucans accept shown an astonishing adeptness to accelerate recovery in irradiated animal specimens, even when it is accustomed after the radiation dose. It can again stimulate recovery of bone core following chemotherapy, something basic to restriction of tumor advance and prevention of infectious complications during treatment.

Although the data provided in this study is still certainly premature, and needs to be confirmed with a larger, added controlled trial, it does authenticate the effectiveness and abeyant of Beta Glucan as a treatment for cancerous tumors.

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Originall posted June 9, 2012