selenium may help to prevent prostate cancer
According to a federally sponsored study, published by a Stanford University urologist, men with abnormally low levels of Selenium in their blood are four to five times added likely to advance prostate cancer. Selenium is a trace element that is supplied in certain foods and supplements.

The study suggests that manufacture a point of eating Selenium-affluent foods, such as Brazil nuts and tuna, or captivating a Selenium supplement, may advice lessen the risk of prostate cancer. Supplementation is especially advantageous for older men, as Selenium blood content decreases with patient age.

Although there are no solid statistics regarding exactly how much levels of Selenium in the blood are improved by supplementation, head researcher, James D. Brooks, MD is decidedly assured about the subject. He believes that supplementation could potentially be of abundant statement in preventing prostate cancer, but goes on to comment that added precise research is needed in adjustment to discern exact statistics on the extent of those benefits.

Overall, the researchers who conducted this study accept that they accept fabricated some actual absorbing discoveries, and that increasing levels of Selenium in the blood can significantly lessen a patient’s risk of developing the most accepted anatomy of cancer affecting men.

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Originall posted February 4, 2012