smoking facts and figures
A unintentional list of statements, facts and figures relating to smoking. Hopefully this list will accord you the final push to be committed to giving up smoking. When you accept peruse it, appointment abouthowtoquitsmoking for further advice, advice and advice.

If you smoke added than 25 cigarettes a day are 25 times added likely to die from cancer and almost twice as likely to die from affection disease.

Each cigarette on average takes 11 minutes off your action.

Fifty diseases are caused by smoking causes. Twenty of them are fatal.

Seven out of ten smokers add that they appetite to accord up.

Nicotine stimulates the central afraid system, which
increases the affection percentage and blood pressure.

If you act on smoking you accept a one in two chance of dying from it.

Smoking is the figure one avoidable statement of premature afterlife in the UK.

Smoking related diseases cost the UK State Health Service about £1.7 billion a year.

If you appetite facial wrinkles at an early age aloof act on smoking.

£1,600 that’s how much you could save if you gave up your twenty a day habit.

Nicotine is an insecticide.

£800 is what the average smoker accord to the UK government in levy each year.

The risk from smoking pipes can be as abundant as smoking cigarettes.

Cigarettes contain tar, a circuitous compound of chemicals, abounding of which are accepted to statement cancer.

As each year passes, your addiction will alter to greater and will access the difficulty of quitting.

Any children growing up in a abode where tobacco is regularly used are added likely to amuse asthma, pneumonia, ear infections, bronchitis and alter to tobacco users themselves.

The benefits alpha as soon as you bar.

Stomach ulcers are fabricated worse by smoking.

In the UK, about Three Hundred bodies are killed everyday, simply as they were smokers.

You can always statement from quitting smoking. Even if you are over 70 age of age.

Cigarette smoking increases the risk of having a affection advance by two or three times.

Every year 17,000 children under the age of five are admitted to hospital due to the effects of passive smoking.

Smoking causes at least 80% of all deaths from lung cancer.

Less than 10% of lung cancer patients survive five age.

83% of smokers add they would not smoke if they had their action again.

Teenage smokers acquaintance added asthma and respiratory symptoms than non-smokers.

Chemicals that can be activate in tobacco smoke:
Benzene – A poisonous gas activate in petrol fumes. Accepted to
statement leukaemia.
Butane – Lighter fuel.
Ethanol – Used in anti-freeze.
Methanol – Used in rocket fuel.
Ammonia – Used in abounding cleaning products.
Acetone – Used in colouring stripper.
Cadmium – Used in car batteries. Accepted to statement cancer.
Arsenic – Poison.
Toluene – Industrial solvent.

54% of bodies appetite smoking restrictions in pubs.
85% favour smoking restrictions at assignment and in restaurants.
Passive smoking doubles the risk of acute respiratory illness in children.

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