the cause of cancer
Cancer is the disease of the cells. It is an abnormal
advance of cells, which tend to reproduce in an
uncontrolled road and, in some cases, spread or
metastasize. A cancerous advance or tumor is again
accepted as a malignant advance or tumor. A advance or
tumor, which is non-malignant is called affectionate. Such
tumors are not cancer.

Cancer is not a single disease. It is a accumulation of added
than hundred altered and distinctive diseases. It is not
contagious. Cancer can involve any tissue of the body
and accept abounding altered forms in each body area. Most
cancers are named for the type of cell or organ in which
they alpha. If a cancer spreads (metastasizes), the advanced
tumor bears the selfsame agname as the aboriginal(primary)

Cancer is the Latin chat for crab. The ancients used
the chat to beggarly a malignancy, doubtless as of
the crab-according to firmness a malignant tumor sometimes
seems to appearance in grasping the tissues it invades.
Cancer may again be called malignancy, a malignant
tumor, or a neoplasm (literally, a advanced advance).

In medicine, accepted chat for neoplasms, or tumors,
that are malignant is accepted as Cancer. According to affectionate
tumors, malignant tumors accomplish not respond to body
mechanisms that limit cell advance. Unlike affectionate
tumors, malignant tumors consist of undifferentiated, or
unspecialized, cells that appearance an atypical cell structure
and accomplish not function according to the accustomed cells from the organ
from which they derive. Cancer cells, unlike accustomed
cells, absence contact inhibition; cancer cells growing in
laboratory tissue culture accomplish not bar growing when they
touch each other on a glass or other solid surface but
abound in masses several layers abysmal.

Cancer results from mutations of certain genes that
acquiesce the cells to activate their uncontrolled advance. These
mutations are either inherited or acquired. Acquired
mutations are caused by repeated insults from triggers
(e.g., cigarette smoke or ultraviolet rays) referred to as
carcinogens. There is usually a latency period of age
or decades between exposure to a carcinogen and the
appearance of cancer. This, combined with the
alone attributes of susceptibility to cancer, makes it
actual ambitious to authorize a statement for abounding cancers.

The most cogent avoidable carcinogens are the
chemical components of tobacco smoke. Dietary
components, according to excessive consumption of alcohol or
of foods aerial in fat and low in fiber rather than fruits and
vegetables that contain antioxidants and all-big
micronutrients, accept again been linked with assorted
cancers. Some cancers may be triggered by hormone
imbalances. For archetype, some daughters of mothers
who had been accustomed DES (diethylstilbestrol) during
pregnancy to prevent miscarriage developed vaginal
adenocarcinomas as adolescent women. Aflatoxins are
accustomed mold byproducts that can statement cancer of the

Certain carcinogens ad hoc occupational hazards. For
archetype, in the asbestos industry, workers accept a aerial
probability of developing lung and colon cancer or a
particularly virulent cancer of the mesothelium (the
lining of the chest and abdomen). Benzene and vinyl
chloride are other accepted industrial carcinogens.

Risk to humans from carcinogens depends upon the
dose and a person’s biologic susceptibility. Factors
influencing a person’s biological susceptibility to cancer
accommodate age, female, unsusceptible status, nutritional status,
genetics, and ethnicity.

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