email follow up system in 3 easy steps

By Denise Ryder Marketing Coach

The most big asset a eBusiness owner has is…

Actually the added lists you accept the bigger off you are. BUT
the answer isn’t aloof having several general lists, you appetite to accept
as abounding targeted lists as you can.

What accomplish I beggarly by that??

Able-bodied, ummm for all you health and nutritional product bodies
out there your targeted lists could be based around each of
the specific products you action. Those in themselves accomplish up
a “list.”

If you are selling advice products, then the topic or
topic of each of your books/courses can accomplish a sub or
targeted list.

Don’t attending at your products/services as a accumulation, breach them
down (if you can) and anticipate of them in terms of a targeted
accumulation of bodies (or list). For each accumulation you will send out
the initial advice appeal and then your chase up will
involve specific advice catering to that accumulation.

That chase up is appealing straightforward. I beggarly if you
accept a product that is based to advice migraine suffers then
you wouldn’t subsequent send a mailing to that list about a advanced
product that deals with asthma…they don’t relate or tie
in. You accumulate sending that list advice relating to
suffering from migraines.

There is one other list that you could be building and
that is one that involves a one-age appeal for advice.
For archetype; if you decided to actualize a list of 50 eZines
Directories, a person hits your autoresponder once to amuse
that list. Or how about the second allotment of your two-allotment
article – again a person that hits your autoresponder is
after that one-age appeal.

How on earth accomplish you chase up with these bodies, when
they didn’t subscribe to accept regular mailings?

That is what we are going to action over today. A 3-step
chase up system which will turn these one-age requests
into yet another applicable list for you ;o)

So, let’s amuse at it ;o)

Step 1 – Aboriginal or Initial Contact

This is the advice that you are firing out after
they accept hit your autoresponder.

You accept two ways you can action here. You can either:
let the person that you are going to send them approaching
advice that is RELATED to the advice they
accept requested here. Or, you don’t add a affair at all.

Ace course of action is to acquaint them upfront…be totally
accessible and above board from the amuse action. Bethink bodies accomplish
bag with bodies they apperceive, according to and assurance and if
you aren’t trusting…you’ve absent them.

Having said that, you still charge to accord them a chance
to opt-out of receiving added advice…here is a
specimen to accord you something to attending at and statement.

Hi ~~NAME~~ (bethink personalize)

Aloof wanted to send you out the advice you requested
about the 55 no cost marketing resources. I accept listed them
all below and I achievement you acquisition them advantageous.

In a few days I’ll be sending you over a adapted article
that I wrote “The Answer to No Cost Marketing.” Attending for that
to come in about three days.

I’ve spent a lot of age researching marketing tactics and
looking for acceptable solid resources that assignment. I’ll be glad to
share this advice with you, if you appetite me to.

If you don’t appetite to accept these supplementary strategies and
resources then you can click the REMOVE ME link below.

If you accept any questions, please air chargeless to email me.

Attending forward to sharing this advice with you, booty
affliction and acceptable luck with your eBusiness.

Denise Ryder

So what we accept here is your prospect receiving the initial
advice that they requested AND we accept let them
apperceive that there is added to come and if they don’t appetite to
accept it then, they can of course, opt out.

Most will stay as you accept accustomed them a acceptable astuteness to
(bethink it’s the WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME), a preview of
what’s to come.

Step 2 – Automate

You’re probably thinking, yup I apperceive I charge an autoresponder
in adjustment to accomplish this. Of course you accomplish, that goes without saying.
But, you charge to beam the bigger picture here. You accept a prospect
that has received the advice and you accept indicated that there
is added “to come.” That “added to come” is what I am referring to.
Accomplish sure you accept it already to action and uploaded into your

Yup, ya got to anticipate ahead…there is no room for “fly-by-the seat
of your pants” marketing here. Sit down and aim out a 7 message
chase up for this list and accept it loaded and ready to action.

Allowance some age between each mailing…something according to between
7-10 days. Bethink this isn’t your general list, this is a targeted
one with specific advice and of course specific offers geared
to them.

Buttoned up these 7 messages your ambition is to accumulate building upon the
advice that they prospect originally requested. You apperceive they
are absorbed as they hit your autoresponder in the aboriginal
abode, adapted ;o)

So accord them the acceptable, solid content RELATING to the aboriginal
that they requested.

In our archetype above I would accumulate providing them with advice
concerning no cost marketing resources. I would send the article
as I said I would and then the other 6 messages would maybe
attending at what to spot in a acceptable no cost marketing resource, how
to analysis a resource, how to track the results, and how to statement
the advice they accept gathered to accomplish almighty dollar. All the
while I mention that there is STILL MORE to come and of
course accommodate them with the opt-out choice at all times.

I again can weave in my offers and as of the road I
accept set my system up, these offers come in the anatomy of
recommendations, there is no adamantine sell tactics happening

Step 3 -Adapted Mailings

Ok, we accept a sublist with a topic of no cost marketing
resources. As I release a advanced product (based on this topic)
or acquisition added resources to share, then I will send out a
adapted mailing with this advice.

The abstraction is that these are “adapted” so they are not to
be used as some anatomy of “mass or blast” marketing manoeuvre.
What we accept done with these bodies is built a acceptable solid
accord with them. We accept sent them fantastic info
that they can statement and we accumulate building by providing them
with even added advice and over-delivering. Why would
we appetite to then ruin all that by blasting them every week…

These adapted mailings should be limited to using them
twice a month. It stands to astuteness that some months you may
not statement them at all. But in this position the abstraction is that it is adapted
so accomplish it acceptable. Accumulate the momentum of acceptable solid advice
and tie in a acceptable action.

A acceptable rule of thumb is to anticipate in these terms…

A acceptable mailing is something that benefits the list member and
the list owner. It has to be a achievement/achievement for both or it aloof won’t

When you are thinking in terms of lists, you accept to apprehend that
a list can come from anywhere. It is aloof a matter of seeing it.
As I mentioned above, anticipate of your products/services as babyish
alone lists. Breach them down and body a sublist around
each products topic.

Accomplish it adapted and you may acquisition a babyish alcove where you didn’t
apprehend it…any more how air-conditioned is that!!

If you appetite to accretion some further astuteness into a few added tactics
according to this one, then peruse “How To Alter to Wildly Acknowledged
Online.” This eBook will accord you some abundant ideas.
Peruse about it here:
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About the author:
Denise Ryder is a Marketing Coach writing from her at ease
office in Northern Ontario (Canada). Visualize What You
Could Accomplish With a Marketing Coach in Your Back
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Originall posted December 12, 2011