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Online statistics shows that about 10rom online visitors accomplish immediate purchase on the interlacing site. Other 90f visitors may allowance your interlacing site forever, without manufacture any purchase. Accomplish you appetite to lose 90f interlacing site visitors that were driven with so abounding efforts?


Internet marketing has age-proven tool that catches targeted visitors on your interlacing site and transform them into ace in clients. This tool is accepted as autoresponder.

Autoresponder is actual agnate to a mailing list. But its aims and functioning differ.

Mailing list is used to send the messages to its subscribers; autoreposnder GATHERS subscribers and then sends them messages.

For archetype, you got to the interlacing site about University scholarships, and you are not ready to buy anything from this interlacing site adapted any more. But you beam a pop-up window or subscription anatomy saying something according to, “Sign up here to amuse chargeless and fresh updates on advanced scholarship programs”. Hm, you alpha thinking. If you are a targeted visitor and air motivated to amuse a scholarship, you will surely subscribe to chargeless updates about advanced scholarship programs.

So, you submit your agname and email to subscription anatomy of the autoresponder. You amuse chargeless updates, and interlacing site gets your agname and email to the base of subscribers. Having your agname and email, acceptable marketers will acquisition advantageous products and services to action you in approaching. This is when interlacing site is starting to amuse lifetime customer amount from its visitors.

But be careful: accomplish not terrorize your subscribers with abortive offers. Otherwise they will unsubscribe from your list, and you will lose them forever.

Would you according to to abound the base of your interlacing site subscribers? Affirmative! Are these subscribers targeted? Affirmative! If they did not accomplish a purchase on your interlacing site from the aboriginal appointment, it does not beggarly they will not accomplish it in approaching. You aloof charge to ace shot other access or other action. The subscriber is bound to your interlacing site any more.

This is alone the general abstraction about how autoresponders assignment. Attending below to beam how they can bring almighty dollar to your interlacing site.


Using autoresponder you can:

1. Sell your own products and services added effectively.

2. Amuse added re-orders from your clients – if you sell something which needs ordering from age to age (health products, movie tickets), the autoresponder will accumulate in touch with your clients.

3. Generate added upsells – if your products/services accept updates and upgrades, autoresponder will advice you to actuate clients for buying the amend or upgrade.

4. Actualize cross-sells – you can sell any complimenting products and services that accept any relation to the above action on your interlacing site. Thus you accord a bigger collection of offers, advice your joint-adventure partners to accomplish added almighty dollar and amuse your commission from it. And you accept all rights to buzz your partners for the selfsame favor: sell something on their interlacing site. In any position, you accomplish added almighty dollar.

5. Enlist and train affiliates – autoresponder is a absolute tool for educating and motivating your subscribers. They amuse added info with each advanced message, and you access your interlacing site credibility.

6. Buzz for feedback from your clients – accomplish it a usual practise to buzz your clients once a month what they charge from your interlacing site. You accomplish not even visualize how abounding acceptable ideas they will accord you for chargeless.

7. Minimize refunds – when your customer gets added and added info that explains the absolute benefits and advantages of the action bought from your interlacing site, this client has less and less admiration to buzz almighty dollar back.


You can statement the maximum profits from marketing abeyant of autoresponder, alone when this autoresponder has the following features:

– you can amuse unlimited figure of autoresponders;
– you can add advanced autoresponders or edit the existing ones;
– you can choose and set up the mailing list to save the subscribers of your autoresponder (the system will save advanced subscribers to any mailing list you ambition);
– you can program autoresponder by days, scheduling to send its messages the road you ambition;
– you can accomplish autoresponder messages in TXT and HTML formats, and add attachments to them (audio or even vide files);
– you can statement a huge collection of macros elements to highly personalize your autoresponder messages;
– you can amuse full statistics about sent messages, advanced subscribers, unsubscribed users of autoresponder;
– you can import and export the subscribers to any base, or save them in a separate file.

When autoresponder has these features, you can easily turn a child’s play subscription action into a advanced source of ace in clients on your interlacing site.

The benefits of using autoresponder are evident: you accomplish not visitors from your interlacing site, you abound your base of subscribers and clients, you can actuate your subscribers and client to amuse added targeted for your offers. Plus, autoresponder automates the entire action of assembly the names and emails from your subscribers, saving them into a database, emailing them under the set delivery timetable, transferring the clients from one base to another, etc.

So, if you accomplish not accept autoresponder on your interlacing site, you are losing your profits. Anticipate it over…

About the author:
Nickolay Bokhonok – CEO And Owner Of DesktopMoney LTD. Inventor of Internet marketing software and scripts. Acknowledged Internet entrepreneur. You can apprentice added about these traffic building strategies, schemes and tips in “Chargeless Traffic Course” at http://www.FreeTrafficSystem.comFreeTrafficSystem – Your Interlacing Site Traffic Doctor.

Originall posted December 31, 2011