how to setup the ultimate affiliate programme
Using this adaption you will be able to setup a abundant affiliate programme,no affiliate link theft and accommodate affiliate with all the stats and resources they charge

To accomplish acceptable almighty dollar, you will charge to amuse aerial traffic to your site. This isn’t accessible to accomplish but with an affiliate programme you can access your traffic considerably. An affiliate programme works by providing a altered code for each affiliate that is linked to your sales site. When a visitor sent by an affiliate buys a copy of your ebook, you accord them commission.

So what our affiliate page needs to accomplish is, convince as abounding bodies as possible to sign up and alter to an affiliate. You accept got to let your abeyant affiliate apperceive, how the product sells, the commission you will accord them and the training you will accord them to advice them sell your ebook. Accordingly your affiliate’s page is according to your sales page, it really needs to sell.

Any more the ample botheration with affiliates is that actual few that sign-up actually accomplish a sale for you. I’d add roughly 15% and that’s doing able-bodied. The astuteness affiliate programmes hesitate, is the inexperienced bodies charge abutment. Bethink if you can access the chances of the inexperienced 85% selling your products, it will advance to considerable extra profits.

So what we charge to accomplish is educate the non-experienced affiliates. The ace road we can accomplish this is an affiliate course. This will acquiesce your affiliate to educate themselves. Having an affiliate course again allows you to stay in regular contact with your affiliate after they accept signed up for your affiliate programme. You are “in their face” added.

Any more I am sure you are saying to yourself how accomplish I set up an affiliate course to educate my abeyant customers? It’s child’s play you already apperceive how to. It’s the exact selfsame as setting up a newsletter. Bethink I spoke about getting Getresponse as an auto responder. Able-bodied you can again statement this to booty affliction of your affiliate course.

In a few minutes I am going to acquaint you about a piece of software that will automatically set up an affiliate sign-up page for you. It’s the selfsame as the opt-in anatomy we produced for the newsletter earlier. All you charge accomplish then is amuse your sign-ups to be forwarded to your autoresponder. With getresponse you can programme it to send out an email every three, seven or fourteen days (this is at your own discretion). So you can inscription a 6 allotment affiliate course on your autoresponder and send one allotment out every week.

You are probably saying too yourself, where am I going to amuse an affiliate training course, able-bodied this is child’s play! All you accept to accomplish is sign up to my affiliate programme. You will be automatically subscribed for the six allotment affiliate course. Save the course in your inbox and you accept full rights from me to statement this course for your own affiliate programme. So basically your copying and pasting my affiliate course into your own autoresponder when you set up your programme

Ok, how to set up your own affiliate programme. I mentioned earlier that if you sign up for clickbank, they will again booty affliction of your affiliate programme. What I adulation about clickbank managing your affiliate programme is that they accommodate the accounts, the sales reports and they pament your affiliates every two weeks.

Earlier we setup an affiliate sign up template page. It’s accessible to amuse affiliates to sign up to your programme. All you accomplish is amuse the abeyant affiliate to sign up for a clickbank statement of their own. Any more the link you statement to amuse them to sign up to their own clickbank statement is as follows.


All you charge to accomplish is replace the “affiliate chat”, with your own clickbank nickname. What this does is it activates clickbanks affiliate link. So if someone signs up using the previous link with your nickname, you will accept commission for clickbank if the person signs up for the full statement. So if your consult someone and they activate their statement fully (activation charge $50), you will accept $10. Again you will accept a commission from clickbank for every sale they accomplish with their own product in the approaching. Roughly this will assignment out around .10c for every 10 sales they accomplish.

Any more the code an affiliate will accommodate to link to your site will attending according to the following

http://(yournickname).(their nickname) .hop.clickbank.grasp

In adjustment to let your affiliates generate the code they charge to link to your site and earn credit for any sales they generate, Clickbank will actualize an automated affiliate link generator anatomy aloof according to they generated an automatic adjustment anatomy for your product. Below is the interface needed to actualize your affiliate link

By then creating a link on your affiliate signup page to this anatomy, your affiliates will be able to accept their own altered affiliate linking code for your website

Once a abeyant affiliate enters his/her clickbank nickname and clicks submit, the system then generates their own linking code. This links from their site to yours, showing that the visitor was sent by them.

Any more you can statement this affiliate programme if your budget is tight but I personally statement a altered programme and here is why I don’t statement the programme outlined above

Firstly anyone can alter to an affiliate of yours. That means that if one of your adamantine working affiliates is promoting you and an absorbed alone sees his altered affiliate link to your website, he can aloof substitute your aboriginal affiliates link with his own, then buy your product. Your affiliate loses almighty dollar which was rightly theirs. Not a acceptable alpha.

What about someone who you amuse to your site? Able-bodied they can aloof buy buttoned up their own affiliate link and cut you out of some profits that were rightly yours as you got them there in the aboriginal abode.

Thirdly, you don.t actually apperceive who any of your affiliates are as they don.t accept to register with you to alter to an affiliate. Its accessible to assignment out the affiliate code they.ll charge so they action off promoting you.

Again your affiliate can’t actually beam how abounding visitors they are sending to your site. All they apperceive is the commission their manufacture.

It is for the above reasons I statement a programme called easyclickmate . This programme solves the above problems and obviously works in conjunction with clickbank, to maximise the abeyant of your clickbank statement. It will again turn your affiliate programme into a actual able almighty dollar manufacture appliance!!

The road this software works is child’s play and actual able:
Affiliate will actually sign up to your programme. They will accommodate their agname, email, website inscription and country.

What I adulation about this software is that it includes its own ascendancy panel. This able system gives you comprehensive marketing statistics such as click-throughs, sales and conversion ratio (hits/sales) of your affiliates. It will affectation your top performing affiliates, top referral urls, top product(s) performance summary.

Your affiliates can login to the affiliate center to check his/her stats, and retrieve their custom affiliate links which are automatically generated each age you add advanced products. The affiliate codes cannot be switched so the affiliate wont lose commissions he rightfully earned.

They will again accept an automatic email notification from easyClickMate when they’ve fabricated a sale. Details of the email includes the merchant’s agname (i.e. you) and how much profit they’ve fabricated. You will again accept an email regarding the affiliate sale. This is a amount-added aspect as Clickbank has decided bar sale notification to affiliates.

The astuteness this software is worth it and why you will actually save almighty dollar when you purchase the product for $70 is as follows. The system works in conjunction with clickbank. You can sell a figure of products using the one clickbank statement.
So why don’t you accede this

This software will cost you $70. If you are going to inscription added than one ebook product, you will charge a second clickbank statement which will cost you another $49.95. Accordingly if you are going to inscription added than two ebooks you will be saving almighty dollar and this isn’t even including the other admirable features easyclickmate has.

Bethink if you accept added than one product, you can check your affiliate stats to beam which product is selling the ace or the one you charge to advance. You will be able to beam which website is converting the most browsers into buyers.

With this programme, you will be able to entice added abeyant affiliates as your programme is so able looking. Again add that I’ve supplied you with a full affiliate course. So your affiliate programme will be actual able indeed.

I mentioned earlier about setting up an affiliate info(sign up) page and again an affiliate log-in page. Able-bodied the acceptable statement is easyclickmate will install these pages for you and upload them to your website.

Installation is child’s play and is covered completely by the top affection adviser Adrian Ling(programmer) will accommodate you with as soon as you buy his software. This script is written in a speech called PHP.

Adrian ling provides a actual acceptable handbook for installing the software on your hosting statement, and he again provides one on how to setup and statement the software once it’s installed. The manuals are actual detailed, and much according to this book, breach down the entire action into babyish east to chase steps.

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