passive income secrets revealed how to create a new stream of automated passive income in less than 24 hours
“Passive Income Secrets Revealed – How to Actualize A Advanced Stream
of Automated Passive Income in Less Than 24 Hours!”

By Jason & Skye Mangrum –
Copyright (C) All Rights Reserved.

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Passive income on the internet is not a myth. But abounding
bodies are convinced it is…

Why? As they don’t accept the accurate acceptation of
passive income.

What is automated, passive income? It’s a above statement
that comes from captivating the inital action required to set up
a truly automated system for passive income.

As you peruse every chat of this article, you will apprentice how
to set up a fully-automated “Passive Income Generator”
based on these three elements:

a) An affiliate product to advance
b) Your Passive Income Engine
c) Multiple streams of targeted traffic

Ready? Let’s amuse started…

Step One: Acquisition An Affiliate Product to Advance

Why an affiliate product? As in adjustment to accept a truly
automated system for passive income begetting, you charge to
bull's eye on driving traffic, building your list, and
increasing your conversion from pre-sales tactics. It can
be actual ambitious to actualize a passive income generator with
your own product, as you still accept customer abutment
issues, email issues, refund requests to fulfill, JV
requests… the list goes on and on. However…

When you’re promoting an affiliate product, you can set up
the system once, never touch it again, and profit
automatically for age and age to come!

If you already accept an affiliate product in apperception, abundant! If
not, simply head over to the ClickBank Marketplace
( and locate an affiliate
product with aerial conversion, and a aerial ranking in the

For this exercise, we’ve chosen to advance Child’s play-ology 101:
Mark Joyner’s brand advanced HUGE online video course and
digital learning workshop. (beam: http://www.Child’s
or you can send a blank email to: [email protected]
for added advice and a chargeless video course)

Your affiliate product owner may or may not accept existing
promotional materials for you to statement. If you’re lucky
enough to amuse a few specimen promo emails, you’ll save
yourself some age and artistic energy. If not, inscription your
own. Bethink, once you set this up, it’s gonna amble on
autopilot. So you appetite to accomplish it adapted.

Alternatively, we’ve met certainly a few added-than-acceptable
affiliate product owners who are added than blessed to inscription a
few promotional emails for you. You’re going to be manufacture
THEM almighty dollar, so they shouldn’t apperception too much. :)

Got your affiliate link & promotional materials? Acceptable. Any more,
onto the abutting step…

Step Two: Set Up Your Passive Income Engine

In today’s internet apple, there’s one affair that comes to
apperception when someone mentions the chat “automation”…

Autoresponders to this day, remain the #1 undisputed
champion of all passive income generators. Why? As
they contain the actual essence of what it takes to actualize
accurate passive income. You set it up once, enter your
promotional messages to action out sequentially over a period
of age, and then forget all about it — you’ve got a
‘simplified’ Passive Income Generator! (send an email to:
[email protected] for a absolute archetype of this)

For this step, (you guessed it) you’re going to charge a
reliable autoresponder.

We highly recommend Aweber (
as of all the systems we’ve tried, Aweber’s unlimited
autoresponder capabilities, pure reliability and increased
email message delivery rates prove to be the ace.

When you accept your autoresponder, insert the promotional
emails and reminders you either received or wrote yourself
for your chosen affiliate product.

Set them each about 3 or 4 days apart. The added messages
you accept, the bigger.

Anticipate about this. What you’re doing adapted any more, is creating
a system that will automatically chase-up and remind your
approaching prospects again and again about whatever affiliate
product you choose to advance. At aboriginal, you alone appetite to
choose ONE product to advance. Why? As if 100% of your
messages are directed to your affiliate product, you’re
going to be running at 100% promotional adeptness!

When you’re finished setting up your inital autoresponder
messages, it’s age to actualize your interlacing anatomy. Aweber
( does this for you, certainly easily
with their “interlacing anatomy wizard.” Inscription your call to action,
click a button and out pops the code to copy & adhesive into
your interlacing page to actualize your interlacing anatomy.

Note: Half-road buttoned up creating your interlacing anatomy, you’ll be
asked what page you appetite to re-direct to after a acknowledged
subscription. Aweber has a default thank you page, but
you’ll appetite to chicken feed that to your affiliate link. Any more,
whenever a approaching prospect signs up to your interlacing anatomy,
they’ll be immediately re-directed to your affiliate
product’s sales page!

To all your Passive Income Engine, you’ll appetite to
actualize a advanced HTML file (we statement Dreamweaver) and insert the
code for your interlacing anatomy. This will be a *actual* child’s play interlacing
page, containing:

a) An attention-grabbing headline
b) A able opening statement
c) A short list or description of benefits
d) A compelling call-to-action & interlacing anatomy

These four elements accomplish up what Jonathan Mizel calls a
“Agname Squeeze.”

This specific configuration has accounted for
visitor-to-advance conversions of up to 60% in some cases! And
if your affiliate product’s sales page does it’s action of
converting able-bodied, you aloof might acquaintance sales
conversions up to 10%!

Sound far-fetched? We used the exact steps you’re reading
to body our aboriginal “analysis” agname squeeze at and we’re getting a fairly steady
advance-to-sale conversion of as much as 10.2%! (If you’re not
sure what this means, roughly 10 out of every 100 bodies
who sign up to our agname squeeze borderline up buying our affiliate
product within 24-48 hours)

This brings us to the final element of our Passive Income

Step Three: Actualize a Perpetual Targeted Traffic Appliance

What the heck is a “Perpetual Targeted Traffic Appliance?”

Simply put, a PTTM is a viral-based mechanism designed to
strategically pull a never-ending supply of laser-targeted
interlacing visitors to your agname squeeze.

In adjustment to accomplish this assignment effectively, you’ll charge to
integrate a few Viral Marketing strategies into the blend. We
suggest adding a baby note at the borderline of each and every
email autoresponder message, allowing and even encouraging
the reader to acquaint others about your interlacing site agname squeeze.

Chances are, aloof as you add the note, bodies will act
on it. But if you appetite to access your effectiveness
one-hundred fold, accommodate an inscentive for telling others
about your interlacing site. There are TONS of ways to accomplish this, but
bethink – you appetite to accomplish it adapted the aboriginal age…

Here’s a abrupt suggestion that works according to ape:

1) Action to and accumulate 15-20+
articles relating to whatever subject matter or topic your
affiliate product is about. (accomplish sure you accept the
authors’ permission before using any of their content)

2) Compile the articles into a single PDF document
( and accord your advanced Adapted Report a
captivating title. Be sure to add your agname and the link to
your interlacing site agname squeeze at the top, bottom and in the
middle of the document. Accomplish *sure* it’s clickable! (Hint:
You may again add a advocacy to your actual affiliate
product inside the PDF)

3) Accomplish it VIRAL by using ViralPDF
( to actualize a “brandable”
version of your Adapted Report, where the reader can enter
their agname and interlacing site as the “Sponsor” of the Adapted
Report, and accord it away to their mailing list and interlacing site

4) Statement a Acquaint-A-Acquaintance script such as to animate your readers to
acquaint others about your site and in return, they amuse the
Rebranding Rights to your Adapted Report!

5) Amuse a chargeless statement with TrafficZap
( and set up your statement to
send targeted traffic to your agname squeeze. Any more, abode the
code for your TrafficZap button into your interlacing page. This
will statement you to effortlessly attract TrafficZap
affiliates, which literally puts traffic begetting to your
agname squeeze interlacing page on autopilot.

Highly Recommended: For accelerated and maximum results, we advise
you to invest in a targeted visitor parcel from
TrafficZap. 99% of interlacing sites offering this affectionate of service
are WORTHLESS and a all squander of your age and
almighty dollar… but our tests accept shown that targeted traffic
sent buttoned up TrafficZap to a agname squeeze actually converts
into sales!

6) This one’s a no-brainer. Amuse your chargeless statement at
InstantBuzz and statement this massively viral traffic generating
toolbar to send even added interlacing visitors to your interlacing site
agname squeeze. You can again invest in their “1.3 Metric Tons
of Advertising” parcel and accord yourself a lucrative sales
boost for cheap. (beam:

7) For the truly passionate, we highly recommend you statement a
advanced software program called ArticleSubmitterPro
( — submit at least one article
per week for six weeks, and in the signature box or even in
the article itself, actualize a logical tie-in to your agname
squeeze interlacing site. (Article writers are reporting above
increases in traffic within days of using this software –
we fully abutment the statement of, and recommend this software.)

That is it… you are done! (able-bodied, almost)…

For your last step, you’re going to appetite to PRINT THIS
ARTICLE. Accumulate it by your computer, and reference it generally.
We apprehend abounding bodies are ready to pament for this
advice we’re openly giving to you for chargeless…

We animate you to accomplish the ace statement of it. You haven’t
actually followed the steps aloof yet… abounding bodies reading
this won’t. But if you print it adapted any more, you’ll already
be miles ahead of the thousands who didn’t. Appetite to amuse
even further ahead of the pack? Chase each step accustomed in
this article after you print it.

Ace of Accomplishment!

About the author:
Jason and Skye Mangrum accept been helping bodies actualize
automatic streams of passive income for over four age
to date. They generally assignment hand-in-hand with some of the
biggest names on the internet, from Dr. Joe Vitale to the
legendary Mark Joyner. If you’re absorbed in how Jason
and Skye Mangrum can advice you actualize streams of automated
passive income, beam their interlacing site at:

Originall posted February 14, 2012