turn your old articles into profitable e mail courses
If you’ve written abundant articles, you can statement them to further advance yourself and your bag, e-zine or interlacing site.

You can re-statement your aged articles by transforming them into another anatomy of promotional tool.

And one road to re-statement them is by turning them into e-mail courses. By doing so, you’ll be able to action a advanced product that will advice you authorize your credibility as a bag owner, e-zine publisher or interlacing site owner.

Even though you’ll accomplish statement of aged articles, you won’t be offering a re-hash.

Why? As once you transform your aged articles and accumulate them at buttoned up to anatomy an e-mail course, you add a added focused learning dimension to them. For this, you’re able to actualize a advanced and able marketing tool.

So how accomplish you accomplish it? In a nutshell:

1. Accumulate all your articles and acquisition a accepted topic among them. If you’ve written a figure of articles aimed for alpha online bag owners, these articles can accomplish up one e-mail course. Your e-mail course can be a short one (2-4 articles) or a continued one (5 or added).

2. When you’ve identified a accepted topic, arrange your articles in a road that provides some sort of logic or flow to them.

3. Assign one article as one e-mail module or chase up. If you’re using 4 articles, your e-mail course would consist of 4 modules or chase ups.

4. Booty a acceptable attending at each article. Does it attending according to you can weave the activities within ‘lessons’ or will it crave you to separate the ‘lessons’ from the ‘assignments’ — advice aboriginal (your re-written article) and then hands-on activities or tests after?

5. Accomplish your articles statement the ‘you’ articulation? If not, re-inscription as if you’re telling your acquaintance a adventure. Accomplish your articles sound formal? Even though you’re ‘teaching’ something, strive to accumulate it lighthearted. Be engaging and affable, but never be too flippant or condescending.

6. Accommodate supplementary resources at the borderline of each module or chase up. These resources could be online references and researches, and even added intensive lessons.

7. Proofread.

8. Insert your promotional texts in the alpha, middle or borderline of each module or chase up. However, don’t overdo this. Bodies who will appeal your e-mail course are going to beam buttoned up you once they acquisition out that your promotional texts far outweigh the lessons and admired instructions in your e-mail course. Put amount over the content of your e-mail course aboriginal and your workshop takers will assurance you and accept in your expertise.

9. Put your e-mail course on autoresponder and set the age each module or chase up will be sent. You can statement chargeless or charge-based autoresponders.

Before you announce your e-mail course, analysis and re-analysis it thoroughly. When you’re certain everything is fine, action ahead and announce it.

About the author:
Copyright (c) Shery Ma Belle Arrieta-Russ

Shery is the developer of artistic, motivating and amusing e-mail courses for writers. Sign up and booty an e-mail course today — chargeless! — at http://WritingBliss.com. She again authored the e-book that lets you actualize your own aboriginal and profitable E-mail Workshops, eCourses and Tutorials in alone 3 days! Appointment http://EmailWorkshopsHowTo.comfor added info.

Originall posted October 15, 2012