19 ways to secure non returnable book sales

Surprisingly, book stores are not always your greatest source of book sales. Most authors and publishers accomplish appetite their books to be available in all of the book stores, and rightly so. You appetite your book to be there, too. You appetite your book to be a “household agname” – a topic of conversation in coffee rooms and at dinner tables everywhere. Your publicity campaign is designed to actualize absorption in your book, and to drive buyers to the book store marketplace.

Unfortunately, those traditional book store sales aren’t always “sold”. The books might be returned over and over again. That’s the bereaved absoluteness of the book retail industry.

Your book’s fame, however, can advice you to acquire nonreturnable sales in the nontraditional marketplace where a sale actually is a sale – where sales of 25,000 copies and added are not uncommon.
Here are 19 strategies that will advice you acquire those sales:

1. Inscription your book for a actual broad marketplace – nonfiction works ace.

2. Inscription a book that bodies will be blessed to accord as a allowance.

3. Add as abounding photos and illustrations as you can afford.

4. Accumulate the topic ablaze – avoid heavy social commentaries, controversial topics, scientific theories and other “heavy” subjects.

5. Accept your book professionally designed.

6. Accept your book professionally edited.

7. Accord your book a memorable agname – avoid arid titles such as How to Accept a Blessed, Fulfilling Action.

8. Accomplish sure that the cover architecture is appealing, appears three dimensional and can compete with all of the above publishing houses. Hire a able designer.

9. Sell the benefits of your book on the back cover. That is where you will sell buyers on the reasons why they aloof can’t alive without your book.

10. Price the book competitively in your genus.

11. Accomplish your book attending according to it is acceptable amount for the price – it’s all about perceived amount in the minds of the buyers.

12. Don’t inscription for yourself – inscription for the borderline buyer. Fulfill a charge for them or accomplish them air bigger.

13. Anticipate of the corporate marketplace when you are writing. Accomplish a list of corporations that can statement from your book, and then contact them.

14. Submit your book to the book clubs at least six months before you publish.

15. Acquisition an agent who sells to the allowance marketplace.

16. Acquisition an agent who sells foreign rights.

17. Acquisition an agent who sells to the affectation marketplace.

18. Don’t be afraid to action ample discounts on nonreturnable sales.

19. Seek licensing agreements – they are a abundant source of income for no assignment on your allotment.

A professionally designed book opens abounding doors while an amateurish appearance closes abounding doors. It is vitally big that you invest in your book at the alpha to actualize sales in the continued chat. Aim for publicity and marketing before you print your books – printing is not the final expense in your marketing aim. It is the alpha. You can accept the ace book in the apple, but if no one knows about it, no one will buy it.

Actualize a book that buyers aloof can’t resist.

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Originall posted November 30, 2011