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I don’t accept in writer’s block. (I can hear the gasps of disbelief already.) Listen: If you hire a plumber to come to your abode and fix a botheration, accomplish you expect him to add, “Sorry, I can’t figure out what your botheration is. I anticipate I accept plumber’s block”? Probably not, and if he did, you’d toss him out and call another guy faster than you can add Drano. Not
that plumbing can be compared to writing, but if we chase the proper steps to amuse the action done, I acquisition that writer’s block melts away, the drains are unclogged, and the words alpha flowing according to baptize from a faucet. But what are these “steps”? Able-bodied, a ample allotment of my action as a book marketing specialist is to advice bodies actualize something they can actually marketplace: a finished book. Abounding of us accept ideas aplenty but not a clue how to amuse them down on paper.

Unlike other professions, authors operate under a entire altered set of rules. We generally can’t aloof sit down and pound out a adventure, and those who accomplish accept created their own formula for doing so. We beam this huge adventure with all sorts of directions we appetite to booty it, we beam the cover, we beam the characters, we beam the marketplace abeyant. Then we beam Katie Couric or Oprah smiling and holding up our book for the entire apple to beam. Then we glance back down at our detector and beam a tormenting blinking cursor and blank screen. And we are again reminded of what a failure we are. We accept all these stories and annihilation on paper. We are abstraction generators. We accept zillions of them running buttoned up our minds, but none of them on paper. Unless you accomplish your almighty dollar in a anticipate container, operating this road probably isn’t getting you any closer to your goals.

When a project looms before us, it’s according to this ample elephant — huge, overwhelming and ready to stomp us flat any minute. There’s an aged saying: “How accomplish you eat an elephant? One bite at a age.” The selfsame is accurate for writing. You finish a book, one step at a age. But to actualize these steps, you aboriginal accept to breach down your book into accessible, bite-size pieces. This can be accomplished by creating a TOC (table of contents) that can adviser you buttoned up the book. My reasoning behind this is as follows: You’d never anticipate of driving from California to Advanced York without a map, adapted? Able-bodied, how can you expect to finish your book without one? Your TOC is your roadmap, guiding you buttoned up your book. If your chapters don’t accept alone headings, then inscription a 2-3 sentence

description of what the chapter encompasses. Don’t amuse too elaborate on this. Bethink, it’s not going in your book; it’s aloof a brief descriptor. Once the TOC is outlined, you’ll accept a eyes of your book from star! t to finish. A few things that creating this TOC will accomplish for you: It will appearance you any gaps in your adventure that might charge to be fleshed out, and it will accord you a sense of completion, of seeing the book or project actually done, and this is a austere psychological turn-on for most authors, as we generally alive in a apple of half-completed projects. Sometimes this step alone can propel an author enough to amuse their book done, or at the actual least accord it a darned acceptable kick-alpha.

Once you’ve developed your TOC, you’ll appetite to action buttoned up it and actualize a “to accomplish” list. Regardless of what genus your book is, you will always accept a to-accomplish list. Whether it’s getting endorsements, doing research, or getting approvals for quotes or excerpts for your book, this to-accomplish list will alter to yet another item that will advice propel your book toward completion.

Once the to-accomplish list is done, set it aside. Any more you should accept your completed TOC with a eyes of the entire book and a growing list of items that will charge to be handled for the book to amuse done. Any more the absolute amusing begins.

Some books on writing will acquaint you to set aside a day or two a week, or an evening here and there to amuse your book completed. I disagree with this theory, and here’s why: You charge to stay dialed into your topic. When I was working on an upcoming book, I would generally put the project aside for days or weeks at a age, promising myself to timetable age “as soon as I could.” Able-bodied, that seldom happened. What I activate is that if I set aside some age every day to accomplish something on the book, I got it completed a lot quicker. The added you accumulate your hands in your project, the added it will stay at the front of your apperception and on your radar screen, and the added energy you will invest to finish it. I won’t acquaint you to set aside hours of your age each day — in actuality, you don’t even accept to set aside an hour. Booty 15 minutes, or even five — whatever your timetable permits. If this seems according to a ridiculously short amount of age, accede this: You any more accept your to-accomplish list and your outlined TOC! . If you are short on age one day, pick a quickie item from your to-accomplish list and amuse it done. If you accept added age, then pound out a chapter or two. The abstraction behind creating the to-accomplish lists and a TOC is to not alone accord your project a structure, but to again eliminate any and all excuses for getting it done. Don’t air according to writing today? No botheration. There’s probably a top of research aloof waiting to be traversed. Amuse the picture?

But let’s add you can’t even amuse buttoned up the TOC. “My book has too abounding layers,” you complaining. “Too abounding back stories, tons of stuff going on. I can’t possibly be expected to filter it down into a neat babyish TOC.” Affirmative, you can, and you must. If your book has no bull's eye, your book will accept no bull's eye. It’s as child’s play as that. But it doesn’t bar there — if your book is all over the abode and you accomplish actually administer to amuse it done, you’ll never be able to accumulate a reader absorbed as you will be the alone one who will amuse it, and what’s the point of that? What you’ll charge to accomplish in this position is acquisition the “core” of your book or the bull's eye of your adventure. Buzz yourself this: What’s the one affair this book cannot accomplish without? What’s the one affair this adventure circles around? That’s your core. If you’re still coming up with three or four things that your adventure circles around, you aren’t focused enough and neither is your book. Acquisition that one affair and body your adventure or book
around it.

If you chase these steps, your book will amuse finished quicker than you could accept ever imagined. And the once-dreaded writer’s block will action from a stumbling block to a building block.

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Originall posted March 31, 2012