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Over the age I’ve spoken to a figure of authors who add they aspire to inscription a syndicated column. Getting syndicated is a abundant abstraction, albeit a challenging one. If you’ve anticipation of this no suspect most (if not all) of your competition has too. But don’t let this discourage you, while syndication may booty a while, it’s still worth pursuing.

There are a figure of tried and accurate ways you can enter this marketplace, there are again a few “back door” methods that might assignment equally as acceptable. The aboriginal affair you’ll charge to accomplish however is amuse to apperceive your competition. For this I recommend that you amuse a copy of The Editor & Publisher Annual Directory of Syndication. Sometimes you can amuse this in bookstores but I’d recommend aloof ordering it online at Analyze this book carefully and you’ll acquisition that syndicated columns are listed by both the syndicated service that offers them as able-bodied as their topic. This will accord you a acceptable starting point in your research and since most newspapers any more accept on-line archives, you’ll be able to analyze former articles and beam how these topics differ from your own.

Once you’ve explored this, define for yourself how your topic/angle is altered from the ones you activate during your research. Then once you’ve defined this, you can alpha targeting papers or syndication services with your affair letter and specimen articles. This is the traditional road of entering this marketplace. For most it can be continued and tedious and you might acquisition that without prior “clippings” to action them, the action takes even longer. In that vein, I’d recommend that you ace shot offering your column locally aboriginal or to one paper at a age but not in a “syndication deal” but as a filler, newspapers will be a lot quicker to booty filler items than to analyze syndication options with you. By offering them consistent filler content (and saving those admired clippings) you’ll alpha to abound your akin of acquaintance, you’ll body a reputation with the editor or editorial staff and you’ll activate to amuse a sense of what does and doesn’t assignment with printed media. An associate of mine did this, not with a local paper but with a paper she’d been offering her articles to, after about two age of consistent submission she may be in line to fill the shoes of their in-abode syndicated columnist who is retiring.

Once you accept body some exposure for yourself and gathered clippings of your assignment, then it’s age to alpha pitching your topic to syndicated services (some of them are listed below) or regional newspapers. For this you’ll charge a abundant affair letter establishing your credentials and explaining why your abstraction is altered from the others they might be considering, you’ll charge some specimen articles (other than your clippings) and maybe some letters of reference from some papers you’ve worked for. Submit this packet to newspapers or syndicated services that might be adapted to your topic and then accumulate acceptable records and accomplish your chase-up aloof according to you would if you were pitching the media on anything else. The selfsame rules apply really, pitch and chase-up and stay on their radar screen.

So, at the borderline of the day when you acquisition yourself successfully syndicated will you amuse paid for all your adamantine assignment – certainly! What you’ll amuse paid varies depending on how abounding papers aspect you and whether you are working buttoned up a syndication service. Syndication services are abundant but they will typically booty 40 to 50 percent of your sales. If you self-syndicate you amuse all the proceeds. While it’s abundant to accomplish this, accumulate in apperception that you’ll charge to accept acceptable tracking systems in abode once your column takes off.

As an already published author, syndication can be another abundant road to advance you and your book. Your book will lend you the credibility you charge to amuse that column and from this ongoing printed exposure some lucrative publishing deals could chase suit. Syndication may not be an accessible road but if tackled correctly, can be a abundant road to boost your promotion, expand your platform and amuse the affectionate of exposure you alone ever dreamed of!

Above syndicates – check online for their submission guidelines

Copley Statement Service

Baron Features

Universal Press Syndicate

BONUS TIP: If you’re trying to chase the comings and goings of syndicated writers, Editor and Publisher (www.editorandpublisher) is a abundant resource for that. Check out the “Departments” tab on their interlacing site for the latest statement on columns that might be coming available!

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