refining your elevator pitch

Visualize this: You’re in the elevator with the producer of your favorite appearance. The program you’ve been trying to amuse on for age. What would you add to this person? Would you comment on the weather? Maybe complaining about the price of gas? Or would you booty the befalling to pitch your adventure as you glide up three floors? Any more, this might not actually ever happen but it’s still a acceptable abstraction to be prepared. That’s what I call your elevator pitch.

So, how accomplish you amuse to your elevator pitch? How accomplish you purify your topic down in such a road that it grabs the attention of someone in a matter of a few seconds? Getting to the affection of your adventure is the aboriginal allotment to this. The “affection” of your adventure is what everything else is built around. A couple of weeks ago, I taught a class on writer bull's eye. The single algid of this class was to pare down a adventure until it was so purified, and so focused that a 250 page book could be described in one minute. To some, this type of manuscript refinement might seem unrealistic and counter intuitive to everything they’ve ever learned about writing. But whether you are querying literary agents or trying to amuse into the media, you’ll charge to apperceive your elevator pitch.

But an elevator pitch doesn’t aloof serve you in the media, having a purified bull's eye of your book is a necessity to a tight manuscript. If your book is unfocused, you’ll acquisition yourself struggling to finish it, chapters won’t chase a particular adjustment and the general algid of the book won’t be met.

So… how accomplish you amuse to your elevator pitch? Alpha by focusing on the core of your book. What’s the one thread that carries buttoned up your manuscript, the one topic or adventure that everything else circles around? If your response to that is: “Able-bodied there are actually five things that action on in this book.” I’d add that’s fine, but accumulate in apperception that without that one affair, the rest of the book wouldn’t exist. Another road to amuse to this “core” is to buzz yourself (or accept someone advice you with this) “what are the benefits to the reader” or “what will my reader apprentice?” That is the answer to your catechism. That is the core of your book.

Again, your reader will probably airing away from your tome with abounding other benefits, but there is one that is paramount over all others. That’s your bull's eye, that’s what your book is about.

So let creativity and your inspiration be your adviser but always bethink to bull's eye, bull's eye, bull's eye!

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Penny C. Sansevieri
The Cliffhanger was published in June of 2000. After a strategic marketing campaign it quickly climbed the ranks at to the ##1 ace selling book in San Diego. Her most recent book: No Added Rejections. Amuse Published Today! was released in July of 2002 to rave reviews. Penny is a book marketing and media relations specialist. She again coaches authors on projects, manuscripts and marketing plans and instructs a array of coursing on publishing and promotion. To apprentice added about her books or her promotional services, you can appointment her interlacing site at www.booksbypen.comTo subscribe to her chargeless ezine, send a blank email to:
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Originall posted March 30, 2012