selling your book to book clubs increasing the odds

What is a book club sale? It is actually a rights sale or a licensing agreement: you are granting permission to a book club the adapted to “borrow” your assignment. You accept written a book, and any more you are allowing a book club to print and distribute your book to its members.

You acquiesce the book club to reprint your book in a specific speech, in a specific format, for a specific period of age, in a specific geographic state, to a specific accumulation of bodies. You arrange in your contract that you advance ownership of the copyright and of all other intellectual property rights, such as electronic, movie, other languages and territories, and serial rights – to agname a few. Always seek acceptable legal advice before signing a contract.

There are abounding book clubs, but most of the above clubs fall under the bookspan umbrella ( To acquisition other book clubs that are adapted for your book, accomplish an internet search: on your browser, type in +(your book genus, e.g., cooking)+book+club.

The chances of having your book selected by a book club are roughly one in ten, which is really certainly acceptable. Visualize if your chance at winning the lottery was that abundant!

Tip #1 for increasing the odds:

It is big to apperceive that book clubs are always looking for advanced ideas to entice their members, so if your book is able-bodied written and edited, has plans for able graphic architecture, AND demonstrates a altered slant on your topic, your chances of being selected rise considerably.

Tip #2 for increasing the odds:

In saying that, it is big for you to apperceive that the earlier you submit your book, the bigger.

Tip #3 for increasing the odds:

Book clubs are much happier receiving a typed manuscript six to twelve months in advance of your publication date than receiving a bound galley or finished book close to the publication date. A book club likes to introduce your book to its members near your publication date in adjustment to booty advantage of the reviews and publicity that you will be generating when your book is launched. The bigger the media splash you accomplish, the bigger everyone’s sales will be.

Tip #4 for increasing the odds:

There are abounding categories of book clubs, so be sure to submit your title alone to the adapted clubs. Accomplish not send your book to every book club that you can acquisition. Each club’s membership has specific interests so be sure to submit your book alone to clubs that might buy—you will again access your chance of being selected.

For instance, if you accept a humor book, it’s unlikely to be of any absorption to a cooking club or to a mathematics club. If your book is regional, it will not likely appeal to a general absorption book club, so submit that a regional title to suitable specialty clubs.

Tip #5 for increasing the odds:

There are rules to chase when submitting your book to the book clubs, so following them carefully should avoid accidental rejections.

Here they are:

1. Send your manuscript to the Editorial department at the adapted club(s).

2. Accommodate a cover letter that details the following advice:

• summary of the book contents

• description of the book (size, binding, adamantine/soft cover, atramentous & achromatic or color)

• expected selling price

• figure of pages

• figure and type of photographs and/or illustrations (indicate if atramentous & achromatic or color

• symbols if the book will be allotment of a series

• which volume the book is in an existing series and a sales history of the series

• intended publication date

• plans for publicity and promotion, and your intended budget

3. Accommodate a brief author biography written in the third person. Be sure to speak about any previous books published and their sales histories.

4. Send photocopies of some of the illustrations and photographs. Please accomplish not send aboriginal copies – they will NOT be returned to you.

5. Don’t forget your contact advice and website if you accept one.

Unfortunately, you cannot contact book clubs to chase up on your submission. It’s a position of “Don’t call us. We’ll call you”. Book clubs accept too abounding submissions to acquiesce chase up calls or letters. If they are absorbed, they will call you, usually within two to six months.

Accomplish you anticipate that a book club sale is worth pursuing? Certainly! We specialize in book club and other non-traditional book sales (added info here: Book Marketing Secrets).
For actual babyish accomplishment you can accomplish the sale of thousands of copies of your book. You will likely be paid a minimum sum per copy, but you will again not accept any production costs, and a baby sum multiplied by thousands can equate to a actual ok check. Your alone accomplishment will be to sign a contract, accommodate your book on disk and collect that check – and aloof anticipate of the chargeless publicity! Thousands of book club members will peruse about your book. You can’t buy that affectionate of publicity!

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