story of a bestseller the power of a postcard

A recent article in Publisher’s Weekly reported about an author who shot their book up to the #1 spot on where it remained for two days. This advanced marketing manoeuvre (called “permission marketing”) is becoming actual popular.

Unfortunately, it’s not inexpensive and you must again accept access to a ample database of email addresses. This database is blasted with persuasive emails about buying your book. If you accept the database and funds to accomplish this, abundant! You can amuse your book to the #1 spot on Amazon. Whether it stays there for one day or one week, you can any more call yourself a bestselling author.

Challenging the traditional is the alone road to amuse noticed in a noisy apple and there are other ways to launch that claiming. That’s how I got my aboriginal book, The Cliffhanger, to the #1 spot on (ace selling book within San Diego) where it stayed for three months. How did I accomplish it?

I hung my star on something already in the public eye: the 2000 Presidential ballot. You bethink that, adapted? How could you forget?! In the midst of chads, hanging and otherwise, our local paper ran a huge headline that peruse: Cliffhanger! I knew if I couldn’t acquisition a road to position my book around that, I needed to hang up my marketing cap. Botheration: The Cliffhanger had annihilation to accomplish with politics. It was a adulation adventure about bodies in denial. (No statement there.) Still, I knew if I looked adamantine enough, I could acquisition a road.

I woke that after aphotic at 3 AM with an abstraction so outrageous, I knew it had to assignment. I raced out to the office supply store the minute it opened to pick up several packs of ablaze labels. I got out the postcards I had printed with the book cover on them and stuck on labels with the following slogan:

Getting annoyed of the Presidential cliffhanger?
Ace shot this one.
The Cliffhanger, a book.
No politics involved.

I mailed 500 postcards out that day while praying the ballot wouldn’t amuse called. I mailed these postcards to everyone in the media I’d ever contacted. Ever!

Days after my mass-mailing, I was walking buttoned up my living room when suddenly I spotted my book cover on the screen. I was stunned. The local TV anchor was saying, “This has got to be the ace affair I’ve ever seen. This female wants you to action buy her book. I add everyone should rush out and buy it.” And everyone did. That afternoon my book shot up to the #1 spot on Amazon where it stayed for three months. It even beat out Harry Potter (which was #4 at that age) yet Harry got the movie. Action figure.

That single postcard shot my book up the ranks at Amazon and certainly literally changed my action and the road I attending at marketing. To this day, bodies in the industry still apperceive me as The Cliffhanger female. And I’m blessed and appreciative about that.

This week, I charge you to accomplish something outrageous in your campaign. Claiming the standard. Step outside the book and rise above the babble. Bethink, sometimes it takes alone one affair–aloof one affair to accomplish a aberration.

Wishing you an outrageously acknowledged campaign!

About the author:
Penny C. Sansevieri
The Cliffhanger was published in June of 2000. After a strategic marketing campaign it quickly climbed
the ranks at to the ##1 ace selling book in San Diego. Her most recent book: No Added Rejections. Amuse Published Today! was released in July of 2002 to rave reviews. Penny is a book marketing and media relations specialist. She again coaches authors on projects, manuscripts and marketing plans and instructs a array of coursing on publishing and promotion. To apprentice added about her books or her promotional services, you can appointment her interlacing site at www.amarketingexpert.comTo subscribe to her chargeless ezine, send a blank email to:
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Originall posted March 12, 2012