what you must know before publishing your first ebook

“.exe or .pdf, that is the catechism…”

Today I’m going to statement for the altered types of ebooks you
can actualize, the benefits and weaknesses of each type and
advice you decide which is ace for you.

There are basically two types of ebooks you can actualize, .exe
an “executable file,” or .pdf a “portable document file.
Don’t amuse abashed by the mechanical mumbo jumbo. All you
charge is to apperceive the two names and the benefits and
disadvantages of each.

Of the two formats, my favorite is “.exe .” The biggest
drawback is that “Macintosh” owners can’t peruse ebooks in
this format.

If you’re going to be selling your advice, you never
appetite to lose abeyant customers. However, in my assessment
this is the alone ample defect.

The biggest benefits are that there are abounding cheap and accessible
to statement programs that will actualize ebooks in this format.
Some accept some actual air-conditioned features and if you at least apperceive
how to actualize a webpage you can easily actualize an impressive
looking ebook.

Ebooks created with .exe software are usually the selfsame
affection as any page on the internet. They are actual agnate
to viewing a webpage in a browser. Most accept back, forward
and at ease buttons which makes it actual agnate to your
readers’ browser.

The biggest statement of .pdf files is that your assignment will be
able to be peruse on most computers, PC and Macintosh. This is
why when top internet marketers publish an ebook, they
almost always statement this format.

I will always accomplish a .pdf version of anything I aim on
selling since it aloof makes financial sense. However, it’s
not my favorite format to statement as of the following

Aboriginal of all, there is basically alone one program that
creates .pdf files and about 4X the price of .exe software.
Your readers again charge a adapted (reader) software to peruse
appearance your documents. The software is chargeless and usually
installed on most advanced computers, but it’s a annoy to accomplish
your customers download extra software aloof to peruse your
ebook. I again acquisition .pdf files to be a babyish adamantine on the
eyes and out of bull's eye.

The main software for creating .pdf files is Adobe Acrobat.
While you can actualize an ebook with the selfsame features, I acquisition
it to be a babyish harder to figure out. I admit that I am
not actual acceptable when it comes to the techie. So if you accept
added mechanical computer acquaintance than I accomplish you might adore
Acrobat added.

The plus side is that Adobe Acrobat actually has added
features than most .exe publsihing software. If you’re
ready to devote the age and study the software it can accomplish
some astonishing things according to leaving abstruse notes for your

Besides creating an ebook in .exe or .pdf format, you can
always aloof actualize a collection of.html pages and abode them
all in a folder to be downloaded. Actualize an index page and
link your other pages to it. This will acquiesce aloof about
every computer user to access you publication and you don’t
even charge any software.

Able-bodied, you might be wondering which software is adapted for
you? I would recommend investing the almighty dollar in Adobe Acrobat.
It creates the one format that almost all computer users can
peruse. However it is actual pricey, especially for
entrepreneurs on a tight budgets.

There is some actual acceptable .exe software that is much cheaper
and is a actual acceptable choice for those with limited incomes.

No matter which you choose, I would actualize a publication
that Mac users could peruse. Actualize a version in .pdf and
.exe format so Mac owners can peruse your assignment and PC users
can choose their preferred format.

If you can’t actualize a .pdf version at least action the
adeptness to download the assignment on a collection of webpages.
You might appetite to action it at a discounted price so they
don’t air cheated. Again be sure to put a copyright symbol
at the bottom of your pages to fright off plagiarizers.

If you search some JavaScript sites, you probably can acquisition a
script that will prevent other bodies from viewing your
source code or copying your webpage content. This might be
accessible in combating plagiarism if you aim on offering a
folder full of plain .html files for download.

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Originall posted November 26, 2012