when old news is good news

Sometimes when you’re pitching your topic or learning the art of the media pitch all you will hear is “your topic must be newsworthy, it must be trendy AND it must tie into a current/relevant topic.” So let’s add you accept a abundant pitch, the alone affair is it’s from last year. Is aged statement acceptable statement? Sometimes, affirmative it is. If your pitch ties into something current and relevant then it’s what we can an “evergreen.” In actuality I accept pitches that I’ve used several times over, they are seasonal pitches that alter to relevant when that particular season rolls around. Let me accord you an archetype.

Let’s add you accept a book on relationships and Valentine’s Day is looming on the horizon. Able-bodied, you might actualize a pitch or two for this holiday and strike media gold when it comes to their absorption in your topic. But once the holiday is history you can still file away your pitch, providing it wasn’t pivotal to a statement-topic that won’t be coming around again.

Several age ago I created a topic for Valentine’s Day called: “The one affair bodies DON’T accomplish that screws up their marriages.” Any more since divorce rates aren’t getting any bigger for the foreseeable approaching, this topic will abide to remain fresh year after year. Certainly I might tweak a sentence or two or action a fresh set of tips or questions, but the pitch itself remains consistent.

So, how accomplish you action about creating evergreen hooks for your book? Able-bodied, alpha this as you would any campaign and accessible a calendar to map out the abutting twelve months of your marketing efforts. During those twelve months you will no suspect acquisition a pitch or two that you can reuse the abutting age this date comes around. Or, alternatively, you might acquisition a topic that isn’t date sensitive acceptation that it can be used over and over again with a few minor changes. Health, accord, and diet issues all tend to accept this “evergreen” component to them. We’re equally absorbed in this topic no matter what the season so for archetype when the holidays come around bodies are talking about family issues, dieting issues, etc. And while they might accept a altered twist to them, they pitch is essentially the selfsame. This again holds accurate for a book you are promoting year after year. Let’s add you accept a health book, and while you accumulate updating the book with current trends and relative advice the content is essentially the selfsame. Save for a few references to the low-carb craze your pitches might be certainly agnate year after year. Or bigger still a book on personal finance or relationships. These are the staples of our action and barring any advanced research, remain fairly static throughout our lives.

Creating evergreens for your topic will acquiesce you the abandon and flexibility you charge to accumulate the momentum going on your campaign without siphoning off an overwhelming amount of creativity every age an adapted seasonal angle comes along. Alive when to craft a fresh release and when to reuse an aged one will action a continued road to keeping your media campaign able and maybe a tad less age-consuming.

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Penny C. Sansevieri
The Cliffhanger was published in June of 2000. After a strategic marketing campaign it quickly climbed
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Originall posted December 28, 2011