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Writers conferences come in all shapes and sizes. Virtually anytime of the year you can attend a conference anywhere around the country. But, why would you? Aloof when your manuscript is gaining momentum, why on earth would you put it down to action hang out with a bunch of writers you’ve never met? As despite the angle that writing is all about isolating yourself, isolation is not a acceptable affair. No one can alive in a vacuum and these days, it takes a lot added than a acceptable manuscript to hook an agent or publisher. It takes a savvy author and savvy authors are not born, they advance over age.

If you’re so annoyed of hearing about the shrinking publishing marketplace you appetite to scream, then you really charge to allowance the comfort of your office and hustle yourself down to a conference. There, you will activate to acquaintance every angle of writing. You’ll even amuse the befalling to accomplish an appointment or amuse “face age” with agents, publishers, publicists, and even a producer or two. But before you send in your registration anatomy, there’s a few things you should apperceive about conferences.

Aboriginal off, accumulate in apperception that not all conferences are created equal. Some are added advanced than others. Some conferences are for published authors offering them unlimited promotional advice and classes, while other conferences bull's eye alone on the craft of writing. Determining what you appetite to amuse out of a conference will action a continued road to helping you decide which one is adapted for you.

When selecting a conference, don’t amuse caught up in the glitz of affair your favorite author if none of the other speakers seem to suit your project. Face it, if the author you so adore goes on tour, chances are appealing likely he or she will be stopping by your city to accomplish a signing anyway. But agents and publishers are a altered adventure. Unless you accomplish it a habit of “doing lunch” in Advanced York City on a regular basis, the likelihood of an agent coming within pitching distance outside of a writers conference is minimal.

So, let’s add you’ve decided on a conference and accept your eyes set on several literary agents or producers you appetite to accomplish appointments with. Before you timetable times with any of these folks, you’ll appetite apperceive a babyish bit about them. For archetype, annihilation will borderline a affair faster than sitting down with someone who doesn’t arm your type of assignment. Doing your research can really statement you. If you’re affair with an agent, peruse their interlacing site for a list of current and approaching projects. If they don’t list their projects, pick up a copy of the Writer’s Digest Adviser to Literary Agents which will accord you this advice as able-bodied. If you’re targeting a producer you should be able to amuse a list of stories they’ve covered off of the appearance’s archives (again on their interlacing site). If your target is a publicist, their interlacing sites usually indicate the type of projects they administer.

Once you accept your appointment, be ready to pitch all of your assignment. If you accept added than one project, be sure you accept your “elevator pitch” ready (bethink we discussed this in our April 10th affair). You’ll appetite to accumulate your pitches abrupt, succinct and absorbing! If the agent/producer or publicist doesn’t attending absorbed, act onto the abutting item and ace shot to apprentice from the rejections you accomplish amuse.

One of the things bodies don’t generally accede at these events is the networking agency. Done correctly, networking can bring about astonishing results. You never apperceive who knows someone who knows some who can advice you further your project. Or maybe you’re looking for an editor or illustrator, I can almost guarantee you you’ll acquisition what you charge by networking. Writers conferences are not a abode to be shy. Airing up to bodies and alpha a conversation with them and don’t be afraid to speak to a presenter if you grasp them between talks. As a frequent presenter at conferences I can acquaint you, this is why we are there – to advice you, the author. Our sole aim for attending these events is to share what we apperceive.

If you are attending a conference that lasts longer than a day, you’ll quickly alpha manufacture friends with other writers and appetite to ‘hang out’ with them. This is abundant for building relationships but abhorrent for networking. Mingle and speak with as abounding other attendees or presenters as you can. During lunch, accomplish sure you sit at a table with bodies you don’t apperceive. Introduce yourself, buzz your person conference attendees about their projects and then alpha talking about yours. Acquaint bodies what you charge, if you’re looking for a literary agent, add so. If you charge a publicist, buzz for referrals from other writers. Buzz lots of questions, booty your bag cards (or bookmarks) and always accumulate a pad and pen handy.

With the adapted planning, a writers conference can be enormously acknowledged and while they may not advance to immediate publishing contracts, they are certainly a step in the adapted direction!

Here are a few upcoming writers conferences you might appetite to anticipate about attending:

PMA Publishing University

Maui Writers Conference – Labor Day Weekend

Whidbey Island Writers Conference

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