writing a book%c2%92s marketing plan for maximum profit

Much has been written about book proposals. But less has been written about book marketing plans. This is amiss!

What happens after your book is published has a abundant deal to accomplish with whether you alter to published and profitable… or aloof published.

A book proposal is a direct-marketing document intended to persuade publishers to edit, print and distribute your book. It’s a sales piece intended to communicate the inevitability of your book’s accomplishment.

Your book’s marketing aim, however, is intended for an audience of one – You! It’s not intended for your publisher. Rather, it’s intended to analyze the revenue streams that you will advance after your book is published.

Your marketing aim should call profits you will earn above and beyond royalties from sales of your book. It should call in detail your marketplace and the steps you will booty to earn this income.

The astuteness to prepare your marketing aim any more, before you sign a publishing contract or inscription your book, is that the accomplishment of your marketing aim depends on the road your book publishing contract is negotiated.

Coaching and consulting

Let’s assume, for archetype, that you aim to statement your book as a road of enhancing your visibility and credibility among your target marketplace. At the simplest akin, you will appetite to accommodate your interlacing site inscription at several points in the book. Alive this ambition, you can insist that the publisher agrees in writing to accommodate your interlacing site inscription in specific locations in your book.

Bethink: promises don’t accomplish it! Let’s booty the worst position plot. You and your acquisition editor accede that you can accommodate five mentions of your interlacing site inscription in the book. However, as generally occurs, the acquisition editor, after signing the contract, fades out of the picture.

The advanced adding to editor then informs you that author’s URL’s can alone arise in one abode, in the author biography abstruse toward the rear of the book. When this happens, what happens to your coaching and consulting plans?

Likewise, you may accept planned to buy books in position lot quantities for resale and/or distribution to your prospects and clients. Compassionate this before you sign the contract, you can accommodate the adapted to purchase books for resale at trade discounts in your contract, ensuring your ‘book pipeline’ won’t amuse turned off.

If you apperceive you appetite to action telephone coaching at $75.00 a call, for archetype, you can negotiate written permission to advance this service within the body of your book.

Bethink: promises are written on air. Alone written agreements count!

Other back-borderline profit opportunities based on your book’s title accommodate:

  • Articles, columns, newsletters

  • Yearly updates

  • Adapted Reports

  • Teleclasses and seminars

  • Speaking and training

  • Audio/video recordings

  • Choosing a interlacing site inscription based on your book’s title

  • Chargeless downloads of specimen chapters from your interlacing site

  • Charge-based interlacing site services

The possibilities are endless, but annihilation can happen if, after signing the contract, the publisher limits your adeptness to advance your bag and your website in your book.

Thus, it’s imperative that you alpha by preparing a marketing aim that analyzes post-publication profit opportunities and describes the steps needed to accomplish them happen. Alone then are you in a position to decide if the publisher’s ‘boilerplate’ contract meets your needs.

The stronger your book proposal and the added experienced your agent, the added likely you’ll amuse what you appetite (charge) in your contract.

Jay Conrad Levinson says the aboriginal volume of his Guerrilla Marketing series earned him thirty million dollars. But alone about $35,000 came from the book itself. All the rest came from back-borderline profits.

That’s how big this affair is!

Roger C. Parker is the $32,000,000 author with over 1.6 million copies in print. Accomplish you accomplish these marketing and architecture mistakes? Acquisition out at www.gmarketing-architecture.com

Originall posted July 12, 2012