your book is a business

Anticipate according to a businessperson, not an author.

Once the final draft is written, you’re no longer an author. You’re an entrepreneur with a product to sell, and it’s critical that you alpha thinking that road. Instead of spending your age on editing and proofreading, you’ve got to invest your age in marketing activities. That means finding the answers to three critical questions:

a. Who is your audience?
b. What will compel them to buy your book?
c. What methods should you statement to grasp them?

At this stage, you charge to anticipate about capturing leads, producing sales material, getting testimonials and absolute reviews, and arranging publicity events. Your bull's eye should be on all the ways you can actualize awareness of your book.

The ace road to amuse started in thinking according to a businessperson is after your final draft is done but before you action to print, sit down and inscription out the answers to these questions:

• What is my marketing budget?
• What resources accomplish I accept in abode already?
• What bodies accomplish I apperceive who can advice me?
• What are my sales goals for the year?

Accumulate your expectations realistic.

The average self-published book sells alone about 3,000 copies, and the average book issued by a publisher sells alone a few thousand added. For every bestseller, there are hundreds of books that sell certainly and disappear. So you’ve got to accumulate your expectations realistic, or you’ll set yourself up to amuse discouraged and abdicate trying to marketplace your book.

Rather than anguish about the overall figure of copies sold, I recommend to bodies that they set their goals, especially for a aboriginal book, according to this:

a. Almighty dollar goals. For most authors, selling enough copies to breach even is a actual worthwhile ambition. If you can accomplish that, you’ve done abundant!
b. Job goals. Your book might accord a ample boost to your speaking job, medical practice or other endeavor.
c. Publicity goals. Your book could position you as an expert in your field, so that you amuse invited on radio programs, TV, speaking engagements, etc.
d. Publishing goals. Maybe your book is noticed by a publisher who wants to re-release it, or you are offered a chance to inscription approaching books.
e. Networking goals. You accommodated agents, designers, journalists and others who could be admirable contacts for the approaching.

Your expectations for your book should not be centered on copies sold. Instead, bull's eye on developing and executing a brilliant marketing and PR aim, manufacture answer contacts, and finding ways to actualize amount for readers, for the media and for organizations who might accomplish ample bulk purchases. If you bull's eye on those things, sales will booty affliction of themselves.

Concentrate on affair all 5 types of goals. That road, even if your sales are alone moderate, but you accomplish brilliantly in getting publicity and manufacture contacts, you can accede your book a accomplishment.

Accept a solid, continued-chat marketing aim.

Before you ever amuse close to even finishing your aboriginal draft, sit down and map out the basics of your marketing and promotional aim. The answer questions you’ll charge to answer:

• What is my marketing budget?
• When should my book be ready?
• Who is my audience and what charge does this book accommodated?
• What will my price point be?
• How abounding copies accomplish I charge to sell to breach even?
• How abounding copies accomplish I appetite to sell?
• What marketing channels will I statement to grasp my readers?
• What relationships can I leverage to accomplish bulk sales?
• What relationships can I leverage to amuse press coverage?
• Who will architecture my Website?
• Accomplish I charge a marketing staff?
• Will I accomplish an e-newsletter?
• Will I hire a distributor or ship the books myself?
• Accomplish I appetite to be in the bookstores?
• Will I accomplish “guerilla” marketing?
• What ancillary products can I produce (tapes, CDs, etc.)
• How can my seminars/consulting/current bag abutment this book?

That’s a lot of material, but it’s all big. Booty a couple of months and figure it out. You can again cut some age off your learning curve by learning from others who accept done it already.
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Originall posted December 4, 2012