your book not in book stores dont worry

Trying to figure out how to amuse your self published books into book stores? Don’t anguish about it as you can amuse added book sales easier and with less accomplishment elsewhere. Some advantageous tips for you and your book from Mark Victor Hansen, who has sold added than 100 million books so far.

Sure, we all appetite to attending on the shelves at Barnes and Dejected-blooded and beam our books there. It’s thrilling. But it’s really not all-big. I beam so abounding authors squander their age and almighty dollar paying distributors and driving from store to store, delivering books when they should be selling directly to the public. The Internet makes it possible.

In actuality, there are abounding acceptable reasons NOT to be in bookstores:

  • You don’t accept to pament a distributor, who will booty a cut of your profits.
  • You don’t accept to anguish about shipping and returns.
  • You don’t accept to action for shelf space.

In most cases, selling direct to the public, or buttoned up bulk sales to institutions, is a much bigger road to turn your book into a revenue stream. With the Internet, tradeshows and other events, and seminars, you accept multiple ways to sell direct, pocket 100% of the profits, and save yourself the annoy of trying to amuse into Borders.

I again recommend selling on They accomplish booty a substantial chunk of your sales price, but it’s a admirable road to generate buzz about your book. Otherwise, unless you can truly statement from the prestige of being on the bookshelves, allowance the bookstores to John Grisham and Stephen Baron.

Pursue bulk sales.

Ninety percent of advanced authors are alone focused with getting bodies into bookstores to buy their book. And it’s abundant if you can accomplish that, but I accord them all the selfsame advice: accomplish not overlook bulk sales. They can turn your book from a almighty dollar-loser into a profit center in a few months. Bulk sales are a gold mine.

What accomplish I beggarly by bulk sales? I beggarly selling your books in ample quantities to an alignment, which could beggarly anything from a corporation to a school district to a non-profit accumulation to a church. You’ll accept to accord the alignment a price breach for buying in bulk, but you’ll amuse dozens, hundreds or even thousands of your books into bodies’s hands, which dramatically increases your chat-of-mouth and viral marketing.

Promoting bulk sales is a appealing straightforward deal. Simply attending at your book and buzz yourself what companies, organizations or affinity groups would be absorbed in the book for their employees or members. If you’ve written a book on corporate accumulation building, accomplish a list of corporations where you accept personal contacts. If your book is about exercise for seniors, ace shot contacting AARP. And so on. Marketing bulk sales is usually about personal contact, either by letter or direct mail.

When you’re going after bulk sales, ace shot to amuse to the “gatekeepers,” the bodies who can accomplish the decisions for a ample alignment. It makes much added sense to speak to 20 bodies who accept the abeyant between them to adjustment 10,000 books than to sell them one at a age. Even if you alone amuse orders from three of those gatekeepers, you’ll sell a few thousand books.

Be sure to action a acceptable bulk percentage discount for your bulk buyers. The added books they buy, the bigger the price breach. If they buy over 1,000, accord them 50% off. You’ll still accomplish almighty dollar and you’ll alpha winning readers.

Always body your mailing and e-mail lists.

There are two kinds of lists: physical mailing inscription lists and e-mail lists, and you should always be building both. They are your promotional lifelines to your abeyant readers and customers, and everything you accomplish to marketplace your book should accept some component that gathers contact advice of prospective buyers.

The ace road to body your list is certainly child’s play: amuse bodies to come to your Website, action them something of amount, and crave them to accord you (at a minimum) their agname and e-mail inscription to amuse it. The kinds of things you can action:

  • Downloadable excerpts from your book.
  • A subscription to your e-newsletter.
  • An advance discount on your book.
  • An audio CD or other ancillary product.

Be artistic. Is there something that pushes your target audience’s buttons? Action it to them. This affectionate of “opt-in” list, where bodies consent to receiving approaching advice from you, is the gold standard of marketing.

Some other reputable ways you can body your list:

  • Booty names or bag cards at a tradeshow or conference.
  • Membership lists from organizations of which you are a member
  • Amuse respected colleagues to e-mail their lists asking their contacts to action to your site to acquisition something of amount to them.

But always, always be building your list. And accomplish sure that your database software is solid, proven, regularly maintained, and backed up weekly.

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Originall posted June 15, 2012