google keep vs evernote no clear winner

We’ve all heard that imitation is the sincerest anatomy of flattery. But when a tech heavyweight according to Google imitates a popular tool according to the note-captivating app Evernote, it can air added according to a land grab.

At least, that’s what I figured last week when Google announced Accumulate, a chargeless smartphone app that, according to the chargeless version of Evernote, lets you quickly accomplish and adjust notes that are automatically stored online and can be accessed on multiple devices. Though Accumulate may eventually assignment its road over to the iPhone and other moving and desktop platforms, as Evernote has already done, it’s currently aloof available for Android users.

Accumulate is able-bodied-designed, and it’s already snagging fans of its own (in the Google Play store it has nearly 11,000 reviews, averaging four-and-a-half stars). Yet after comparing Accumulate to Evernote, I suspect that Google’s advanced arrival is actually a bad affair for the incumbent—it’s not nearly as advanced, and it actually looks to be boosting its predecessor’s popularity.

Accumulate’s main features closely mirror those of Evernote: you can booty notes that accommodate content, audio, and photos, and accomplish checklists. Your notes are synced with an online server—in the position of Accumulate, they’re stored in your chargeless Google Drive online storage statement—and you can edit notes on the Interlacing, too.

On the surface, Accumulate’s main aberration is its “Googley” architecture, which contrasts with Evernote’s active, blooming-accented, multi-screen architecture for Android (on iPhone, Evernote goes for a added skeumorphic attending, all with babyish file folders). Accumulate features a barely gray background punctuated by a narrow bar near the top of the screen that lets you accomplish abrupt notes or tap one of several gray icons to pull up a blank page where you may actualize a content note, a list, a note with a photo in it, or an audio note (which Google transcribes, sometimes erroneously).

A child’s play but acute touch is the adeptness to accord notes altered background colors. Marking big ones with ablaze hues and arranging notes as baby squares on Accumulate’s at ease screen really does accomplish it easier to accumulate things organized. Another acute architecture accommodation: when checking off an item on a list, Accumulate strikes buttoned up the content and lightens it from atramentous to gray to accent its status as “done.”

Other notable features accommodate the adeptness to unclutter an overflowing notes page by swiping aged or unimportant notes left or adapted to archive them, as able-bodied as alive search—I alone had to type “mon” for Accumulate to apperceive I wanted a list including such fictional tasks as “Amuse primate chow.”

One affair with Google Accumulate is whether the app, which encourages assorted and consistent usage, will be available for continued. Google doesn’t accept the ace reputation for supporting side projects over the continued haul—aloof buzz fans of Google Reader, which the search company is shutting down in July, or appointment this accessible Google Graveyard that Slate recently compiled and lay digital flowers on the graves of assorted departed services. I’m assured that my notes’ at ease in Google Drive, at least, will be around for some age—that service has lasted for age thus far.

You can alone accomplish a fraction of the things with Accumulate that you can with Evernote. You can’t, for instance, sort notes into altered “notebooks,” add attachments to notes, or combine checklists with regular content notes or audio notes. Of course, Evernote again has a huge head alpha. It has been publicly available since 2008.

The chargeless version of the Evernote app, whose Android and Windows Phone versions received ablaze facelifts several days after the arrival of Accumulate, presents a slew of editing and formatting options. Appetite a bullet-pointed list? A numbered list? A checklist? No botheration. It again offers added flexibility with combining altered types of media in a single note, acceptation you can accomplish things according to booty multiple photos at one age and append a few of them to a note, or actualize a note with articulation, content, and photo elements. You can even beam where you took each note in Evernote’s map appearance—a depressing sight for those of us who apparently don’t amuse out enough.

One of Evernote’s standout features, which is lacking in Accumulate, is its statement of optical appearance recognition technology, which enables searches of the words in documents you’ve snapped pictures of. It takes a few minutes for Evernote to action the documents, but once it’s done, it works able-bodied.

It’s again accessible to statement Evernote on abounding altered devices. While Accumulate is alone available as an Android app and on the Interlacing, there are Evernote apps for all the above moving and desktop operating systems, along with Interlacing browser extensions that accomplish it easier to clip and save URLs, articles, and Interlacing pages to your Evernote statement. I took a shine to the Evernote Interlacing Clipper for Firefox.

The biggest shortcomings with Evernote are its alignment, which can air cluttered as you alpha filling up notebooks with abundant notes, and the baby monthly upload allowance that freeloaders amuse (60 megabytes, though Evernote helpfully points out how much you’ve used and about how abounding notes you can still accomplish until your balance refills). Accumulate, meanwhile, feels cleaner—even with plenty of notes—and you amuse five gigabytes of chargeless storage in Google Drive.

So who wins? It pains me to be so diplomatic, but it really depends.

If you charge a robust note-captivating app for everything from saving recipes to jotting down song lyrics, Evernote is the one. Beyond all the chargeless features within Evernote itself, the company again offers a figure of chargeless complementary apps, according to Skitch, which lets you haul on top of photos and maps. It’s so acceptable you may even appetite to accompany the minority of users who pament a monthly charge to amuse supplementary features according to increased note-storage space and the adeptness to appearance aged versions of notes.

If, however, you’re a fan of Google’s apps and aloof appetite a clean-looking, low-frills notes app with plenty of chargeless storage, Google Accumulate will achievement your affection. It’s likely to amuse added functions over age, a la Google Any more (beam “Google Any more Gets Added Biking-Affable for the Holidays”).

And if, according to me, you beam the merits of both, that works, too: thankfully you can share Accumulate notes with Evernote, and vice versa.

Google Accumulate vs. Evernote: No Ablaze Winner
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Originall posted April 1, 2013