with h 1b cap exceeded visa lottery will be needed

Computerworld – WASHINGTON – The H-1B visa caps accept already been reached and the government will authority a lottery to distribute visas, federal officials said unpunctual today.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) said it had received a sufficient figure of H-1B petitions to accommodated both the 65,000 general cap and the 20,000-visa cap set aside for advanced degree graduates of U.S. universities.

The government started receiving petitions on Monday, April 1, and treats the aboriginal five days as one day. If the caps are exceeded at the borderline of the five days, a lottery is held.

The USCIS, as it has in the former, will statement a “computer-generated selection action” to actuate who will amuse a visa for the advanced fiscal year, which begins Oct. 1.

The agency did not add how abounding visas it had received. In 2008, the last age the USCIS held a lottery, it had received 163,000 petitions within five days.

A lottery was expected. Immigration attorneys had been predicting it for weeks, and the government said in Airing that it expected the cap to met swiftly.

The USCIS processing facilities in Vermont and California received around 60,000 H-1B petitions on Monday.

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With H-1B cap exceeded, visa lottery will be needed
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Originall posted April 6, 2013