7 no cost tips to market your business
7 No Cost and Low Cost Tips to Marketplace Your Bag
by Kathleen Gage

Marketing a bag can be amusing, agitative and artistic. It can again be actual frustrating and expensive if one doesn’t apperceive what outcome they are looking for or how to evaluate cost able methods of marketing.

Over the age bodies accept come to apperceive me for my altered adeptness to advance low cost and no cost strategies to marketplace and advance a bag, product or service. Strategies that accept realized incredible returns.

Some of my successes accept included:

– Before my last book was published I pre-sold over $8,000 in books
– Over 250 bodies registered for a recent seminar in less than 2 weeks and the cost to advance was under $25
– One company used my strategies for a job expo and fabricated over $180,000 in consulting fees
– One speaker sold over $23,000 in product sales back of the room at a two hour seminar with strategies outlined in my program

I don’t share this to impress anyone, rather to impress upon you when using the adapted strategies for your marketplace, you can apprehend some incredible results.

Bodies accept again come to apperceive me as someone who is a stickler when it comes to putting systems in abode. My marketing successes are a direct aftereffect of the systems I accept implemented.

With a bit of forethought, planning and admiration, you can successfully marketplace your bag in a actual able road. Below are seven proven strategies sure to access visibility, leads and sales.

1. Bag Cards
Bag cards are generally one of the most underutilized tools in one’s marketing.
Statement the front and back of your bag card to accretion full statement. Depending on your marketplace you can put some actual admired advice on the back such as a sports timetable, emergency numbers, or adapted dates bodies appetite to bethink.

Accumulate some in your notecase, your automobile, on your desk, and some at at ease. Be sure to act them with you wherever you action and be ready to hand them out as befalling presents itself.

Creatively distribute your card. When you eat out you can allowance one with the tip.
If you borrow a library book, statement one as a book mark. Hand them to clerks in stores who may apperceive other bodies who could statement your product or service.

When someone gives you their bag card be sure to enter their advice in your database. Send them a short note or email within 48 hours of affair them to accumulate your agname fresh in their apperception.

2. Send a picture
A abundant road to accumulate your agname fresh in a customer’s apperception is to send them a picture of when they purchased a product or service from you.

Put a picture of a buyer’s auto purchase in a admirable calendar. Likely, the appreciative owner of the vehicle will affectation the calendar for the abutting 365 days.

For specialty allowance shops, when a customer makes a substantial purchase, accept a picture taken with the shop owner. Frame the picture and send it to the customer.
Chances are actual acceptable the picture will be displayed proudly for friends and family to beam.

A dentist who specializes in smile makeovers can easily arrange to accept a able makeup artist and photographer capture the patient’s admirable advanced smile. No suspect the patient will be added than blessed to appearance others their advanced attending.

3. Associations
Associations particular to your marketplace are a abundant resource for marketing. There are associations specific to virtually any industry, action type or bag. A abrupt interlacing search will likely appearance you how much is available.

A above befalling within abounding organizations is the chance to network. Additionally, to accomplish presentations. Along with presentations come publications.
Generally, when you accomplish a presentation, you will amuse a mention in the association newsletter, their Ezine and/or on their website.

In abounding cases, when an alignment has a newsletter or Ezine, they greet the presenter writing a press announcement for them. It saves them age and generally assures you accept a bigger chance of the advice manufacture it into the publication.

They may again greet you writing an article for their publication or website.
This lends itself to pre-presentation visibility. Additionally, you will position yourself as an expert and access credibility.

Most organizations accept the following opportunities that can advice you to accretion visibility and accomplish some actual able marketing:

-Internet listings
-Links to you website
-Discounted advertising rates
-Networking opportunities
-Bag referral services
-Adapted recognition events
-Education seminars
-Bag and membership directories

In abounding cases you will charge to be a member of the association to booty advantage of the multiple marketing opportunities. In other cases membership is not all-big.

4. Committee Involvement
Committee involvement is a abundant road to accord back to the association or community while building visibility for you and your bag. In some cases, you may even appetite to amuse involved in a committee where you accept babyish acquaintance or adeptness. This will accord you an befalling to stretch yourself and accommodated and network with individuals you may not accept otherwise had the chance to accommodated.

5. Contests and drawings
Contests are a favorite for abounding businesses such as restaurants or those that accept aerial foot traffic. Contests are a abundant road to body your database quickly.
You are generating actual ardent leads when you accept a contest with bodies who accept already frequented your abode of bag. The answer though is to accomplish back -borderline marketing. Far too abounding businesses authority contests, amuse lots of names and accomplish annihilation with them. In this position, it is a all squander of age to authority a contest.
You can advertise a contest to accretion advanced foot traffic in your abode of bag.
Trade appearance booths are a abundant abode to authority a contest. Pre-appearance marketing helps to generate traffic at your booth. Invite bodies to bar by booth # _____ (whatever your booth is) to enter to achievement. Artistic contests can again generate chargeless publicity.

6. Cross-promoting
Accompany with other companies who accept products or services that compliment yours and advance each other. Let’s add you accept a massage bag. You could partner with a candle company to sell their candles to your massage clients. They can accord out coupons for your massage bag. Or the candle company can partner with a allowance basket company. Cross-promoting is alone limited by your imagination.

This can considerably cut down the cost of bag promotion and acquiesce each bag to statement promotion techniques that might be too expensive to apparatus alone.

7. Bonuses
Secure adapted offers from assorted businesses who appetite to share a agnate marketplace as you. When a customer buys a minimum amount they accept a bonus packet with the assorted offers from the other vendors. This is a achievement/achievement all the road around. The other vendors accretion visibility, you accept something extra to action you customers and the customers amuse incredible amount for their purchase.

Be aware of who you cross-advance and joint adventure with. You appetite someone who will be equally committed to a campaign.

About the author:
About the author
Kathleen Gage is a bag advisor specializing in marketing and promotions for baby and at ease based businesses. She is a keynote speaker and the author of -101 Ways to Amuse Your Foot in the Door – and – 101 No Cost and Low Cost Tips to Marketplace and Advance a Product, Service or Bag. To access her FREE report, Apprentice How One Spice Lake City Consultant fabricated Over $100,000 from One Abstraction, appointment www.streetsmartsmarketing.com

Originall posted October 14, 2012